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McCain Discovers Plumber's no Ordinary Joe


Off Politico:



Yep, here comes the smear campaign. Watch out Joe, now you're going to see what happens when you speak truth to the ONE.

How the Left Works


By now everyone who follows politics has heard of Joe Wurzelbacher, a guy from Toledo known now as 'Joe the Plumber,' who asked a question of Barack Obama in a campaign rope line, and was referenced numerous times in last night's debate.

Like many of us, Mr. Wurzelbacher has questions about Barack Obama's tax policy, among other things.

So what happens to Mr. Wurzelbacher for expressing his views?

Reports in the mainstream media appear claiming that he is unlicensed (even though he doesn't need one as an employee of a business or as a contractor working on a residence), and that he apparently has a tax lien filed against him.

Not to be outdone, the Daily Kos published his home address for all the world to see.

The Democratic Underground just threw whatever they could at the guy.

Better think a little longer next time if you wish to criticize a Chicago Democrat running for president (or anything else, for that matter).

You might get 'the treatment.'

Update: Atlantic Monthly smear artist Andrew Sullivan chimes in -- in what appears to be part of his full court press to be named honorary Democratic Party Chicago precinct captain -- here and here.

Update II: More from the excruciatingly slimy Sullivan, who takes issue with the fact that Joe is Wurzelbacher's middle name, not his first.

Update III: Plumber's union, City of Toledo go after Wurzelbacher in order to stop him from working.


The politico got it wrong.

  1. you don't need a plumber's license to do what he does.

  2. Owing back taxes is not a crime unless you are convicted of tax evasion.

  3. Joe the Plumber is not worried about what he makes today. Unlike the miserable left, he is looking to the future - trying to be more than he is right now.

I wonder if they would be this hateful and fearful had "Joe" come out in his press conference yesterday and kissed the ring of new baby jesus?


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Who the fuck cares about Joe the Plumber?

This is just more of the same distraction from talking about issues.


Fucking hilarious Lifty.

Right. Forget the actual voters - they're irrelevant.

Let's talk about the abstract "issues" instead.


Not too much "abstract" here. Joe seems a decent sort, and he'd pay less taxes under an Obama administration than a McCain administration.


True, on balance, people on unemployment do end up paying less taxes.


Joe the Plumber is just a symbolic distraction. Living in a bankrupt country is not abstract issue. It is very real and will have very real effects for everyone, not just the average Joe Plumber.

It is hilarious to me that the media is helping to discredit a symbol that is irrelevant to the actual issues.


Joe The Plumber is an idiot.... and a fake.

If he buys the business he claims, he won't have to worry about higher taxes. First, what plumber makes a quarter million per year? Second, even if he did gross that amount, the tax would be on his NET income.

Even after Obama explained his tax plan, idiot plumber came away like he never heard a word, and still complained that Obama will raise his taxes. Moron.

For McCain to use this phony plumber as a tool in his campaign just shows how desperate McCain has become in this race.

Oh, by the way, the plumbers' union SUPPORTS Obama. Heh heh.


You are showing your stupidity yet again. Way to go.


Yeah. Lets suck all the drive out of people so they all stay right where they are in life. Under the new baby jesus, advancement is scorned. Let the state give you money instead.

This is the most bullshit line of thinking I have seen on here in some time.

Much to the disappointment of liberal fuckwads - there are actually people in this society who dare to dream about being more than they are right now.

But now with the new baby jesus, you are penalized for advancement.


You are about a stupid motherfucker.

Go back to your theory books. Every time you venture into reality, you say stupid shit like this.

There are millions of Joe the Plumbers out here in the real world: They are the backbone of our economy and our society.


Wow. Brilliant retort.


How to "SPREAD THE WEALTH" in the real world....

I found this posted elsewhere. It expresses quite well what McCain seems unable to make the case for what SHOULD BE the difference between himself and Senator Government.

Every time a small business owner:

(a) hires from the community,
(b) offers a good or service at a competitive price,
(c) pays local taxes that support municipal services,
(d) buys supplies or services from other businesses,
(e) expands the physical premises of the business by either renting or building, and
(f) buys personal items (like a house and everything that goes in it) with the proceeds from the business.

That business owner is, de facto, "spreading the wealth around."

Senator Government, for some reason, seems to believe that increasing the tax burdens on business owners will "spread the wealth around," when in fact it will have just the opposite effect by hindering the business owner's ability to do one, many, or all of the things above.

You don't have to have run a business to know this. It's common sense for any nimrod who has ever worked in the private sector - i.e., outside government & academia. Which, gee, just happens to be where Mr. Obama has spent virtually his entire adult life.

And he thinks (nay, is absolutely SURE) he knows better than the tens of millions of Americans who either run small(ish) businesses or work or them, what makes the economic choo choo run.


DO you have any idea what you are talking about? You seem to misunderstand almost everything Joe the Plumber said.

But then again, you are taking your talking points straight from the daily kos - so the truth is secondary to the propaganda.


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The kind of proposals made by Obama and all other redistributors need to be answered in terms of fundamental economic analysis, one clear and powerful enough to show, as the title of this article states, "Why Everyone Should Be in Favor of Tax Cuts for the `Rich.'"


Only idiots are buying into this tax break for 95% of Americans. Do you really think anyone is better off when you take from one person and give to another?

What happens if your employer is taxed more? I hope you weren't planning on a raise. You'll be lucky not to lose your job to outsourcing. At least there's unemployment insurance.

What do you plan to purchase with the welfare check Barry is going to send you? At the grocery store that's being taxed more? At the car dealership that's being taxed more? Probably at the liquer store that is being taxed more. I hope you plan to only make purchases from businesses or people that make less than $250k a year. Guess what? Prices for everything you buy will be going up at the same % increase as Barry proposes on those we purchase from.

Now there is one ray of hope and I think the parasites will like this. Trillions of dollars are spent with companies that don't pay any taxes. Prices for these goods should go up much. Problem is they are from companies that don't reside here. Oh, but wait, Obama wants to tarriff that stuff. Too bad for you.

So here is the plan in a nutshell.

Take from producers. If they don't like it they can lobby for favors and donate to my campaign. Maybe we can work something out for them.

Give to consumers. Attempt to buy votes with a handout.

Cost of all domestic goods goes up. Time to start lobbying for tarriffs. Let's get out the check book and buy some lunches.

People want to buy imported goods that are less expensive. Look, another American company moving jobs overseas. Let's prop them up with tax payer money so they can compete. Let the lobbying begin. Hmmm....let's take a look at my campaign contributions list....I choose this company and this company. Not these guys, they didn't come to washington to buy me lunch once this year and they didn't give enough to my campaign. Now on to the subsidies for those that made the cut. We're still going to keep their tax rate high but we'll give them some money for "re-tooling" or loan I don't expect them to pay back.


Put tarriffs on selected imports to raise them to the level of domestic goods. Again, lets take a look at my campaign contributions list and see which industries get tarrifs this year.

Yeah, we won. We saved American companies. Now all goods and services are more expensive and American business can compete again.

One of you dipshit libs is going to have to explain to me how this accomplished anything. Outside of creating percieved winners and losers, to insite resentment and buy votes/campaign contributions. I guess libs just aren't wired for math and logic. Maybe for the best. You'll probably live longer not realizing you are getting screwed. Good for you. BAAAAAAH


It's amazing how the media is able to fact-check Joe the Plumber, but can't seem to even use a search engine on terms like "Wright, Pfleger, Ayers, etc." Weird.