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McCain Diagnosed with Aggressive Brain Cancer

No, my strategy would be to keep it in perspective.

I see your perspective and it seems like you already have given up and succumbed to the status quo.

Dominic D’Augostino

More than worth a try I’d say. Non-toxic and more effective. But that is exactly why it isn’t being studied with more vigor. Because the healthcare industry cannot make as much if any money from it. Better to allow people to suffer so we can make more money. Totally immoral.

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More than worth a try I’d say. [/quote]

Yes, we should look at any and all ways to mitigate cancer.



Not clinically proven, you can’t say that because you don’t have the stats to show it.


No. Hell no.


You have absolutely no idea how the system is run. They love sheeple like you. Just a pawn.

Can you provide stats on the keto diet working to stop cancer yet?


I think it’s in here somewhere. Great thread btw.

Was medicinal marijuana approved with studies before it was legalized?

Yes it was. Do you have ANY stats at all? Any?

Not clinically proven, you can’t say that because you don’t have the stats to show it.

But we do have evidence of the extreme negative effects of chemo that often kills people before the cancer. Wow, how impressive as it has done so for decades. At least you can say it was consistent.

Was medicinal marijuana “clinically proven” before it was legalized?

Do you?

Do I have what? The stats that prove your theory is correct? No, I do not.


That’s a no then. Quit dodging the question you ideologically blinded moron. Stats. You said it was MORE EFFECTIVE, so show the stats that prove it.

All those studies done on medicinal marijuana, that you claim are there.

So chemo does not often kill people? And we don’t have plenty of evidence of it’s terrible side effects?

Where were the stats for medicinal marijuana? Or maybe all of those people were just imagining the benefits.

We have a very different fundamental view of the healthcare industry. You actually believe it exists primarily to make people better and serve the public. I believe it exists to make a profit for it’s shareholders as it’s main goal. Health is a distant 2nd. And anything that could possibly get in it’s way must be eliminated, anyway it can. They were not successful with medicinal marijuana, but have been so far with the KD and stem cells for instance. Hopefully that will change eventually. With Medicare-For-All on the horizon, I believe it is only a matter of time before these hucksters are driven out of the market and forced to get other jobs. Preferably ones that don’t involve scamming the public. I will be so happy when this industry-in it’s current form-collapses.

If this is true, why the fuck would they kill their revenue sources with chemotherapy?

Because they’ve diversified into the coffin and mortuary industry. You’d know this if you were woke and not blinded by your ideology. Sheesh.


Chemotherapy is a revenue source.

Revenue: “The income generated from sale of goods or services, or any other use of capital or assets, associated with the main operations of an organization before any costs or expenses are deducted. Revenue is shown usually as the top item in an income (profit and loss) statement from which all charges, costs, and expenses are subtracted to arrive at net income. Also called sales, or (in the UK) turnover.”

Notice how in order to earn revenue you need to provide a “good or service”. Chemotherapy is both a good and a service. It creates value for the patient by increasing his/her chance of surviving the cancer. Hence the revenue.

If chemo wasn’t value add, then the market would figure that out and there would be no more revenue.

I don’t know why I engage with you at all. 118 posts and you’re still alleging chemo kills more than cancer with no facts. I have to hand it to you, you’re the best troll I’ve encountered on TNation.

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Post the stats then. From medical studies, not naturalnewzz. You’ve claimed that chemo kills the majority of people, so I hope you have stats to prove that it–and not cancer–kills more than 50%.

Of course it can have terrible sides. Nobody ever said it didn’t, you made that up out of your stoned mind.

Who cares? This is a thread about cancer not pot. At least stay on topic, shit.

Obviously. I have a reasonably informed view, you have conspiracy theories.

This reminds me of the view, widely held by the less-educated among us, that cancer spreads when it is ‘exposed to the air.’ This belief apparently originated with the observation that cancer pts often undergo surgery, and many of these pts will eventually succumb to metastatic disease some time after their surgery.

I had a pt just last week tell me that his brother died of colon cancer because “he had surgery, and the air got to his cancer.”

“Many underserved groups in the United States experience disparities in cancer survival. Part of the disparity may be due to differences in treatment or treatment uptake. Previous studies uncovered patient beliefs that surgery could cause cancer to spread and have suggested that this belief may affect uptake of cancer treatment. We explored patients’ explanations about surgical treatment of cancer and cancer spread […] We found that nearly all respondents had heard that surgery (“cutting”) and exposing cancer to the air would hasten cancer spread and result in worse outcomes. Most participants expressed agreement with this belief.” [emphasis mine]