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Since I’m asking pretty much everyone, I figured I’d go ahead and ask here as well. What would those who have taken the MCAT or have known people who have taken it suggest someone with 1.5 months of studying left do to prepare for the test? I’m already in the Kaplan Advanced Review course, which is alright so far, and I’m wondering what else I can do to get ready for it. Any suggestions/anecdotes? Even if you know someone who blew it, it’s always good to know what not to do haha…

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As many full length practice exams as you can get in. At least one a week taken AND REVIEWED every question, even the right ones. Preferably get in at least 6 of em but 10 would be better. And practice the hell out of verbal.

I’ve taught the Kaplan course x 3 FWIW

I think this is similar to the GAMSAT (I sat it in Australia) isn’t it? I would say the best thing you can do is to put yourself under the same pressure as much as possible. The questions themselves aren’t that difficult I don’t think, it’s the sheer volume of them. Especially the comprehension stuff if you aren’t in a profession already where you do a lot of reading (I’m not really).

As a guide I did very well in the GAMSAT (scored > 87% of other sitters) I reckon and I’d say you have to do the practice exams to find your weaknesses then drill on them. I found the science easy and the comprehension and essay writing very hard to do in the allotted time (though again, not technically difficult) so I just wrote lots of essays and read way more with a timer on.

I think that’s the only advice I can give. With 6 weeks I’d be spending a day to simulate an exam, then work out where you did well, where you did bad and concentrate on the bad. Revisit this process again about 2 weeks out… and your done.

Whatever you do don’t try and cram the day before, and try to chillax on the day. If it’s anything like when I did it, people will be even madly studying between the tests (we have 3hr morning, 3hr arvo) … as if it’ll make that much difference besides making you go crazy.

Good luck!

Thanks guys!

Rawberry: Great name. And yeah, the Kaplan course I know doesn’t recommend taking practice tests until after the second of the sections, so now I’m going to start doing them every Saturday, using Sunday to review. Depending on how I’m doing I’ll probably increase from there or stay the same. Verbal reasoning has definitely been my focus (as I’m an engineer), so I’m glad to hear you say that. That’s a good call on reviewing every question: I’ve kind of just let the ones I get right slide, which is bad when I know I was unsure about a few…

Ozzyaaron: It sounds like it’s the same type of thing. The only difference with this one is that it’s 5 hours straight (well a couple ten minute breaks in there) and you (thankfully) can’t look at any type of study material during these breaks. I’m the same way with the science vs reading/writing. For me the essays are definitely going to be the biggest challenge as well. Thanks for the tips on how to deal with that.