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MBT Shoes


These were referred to in another thread so I thought that I would check them out.

Interesting concept I guess but I dont think that I have ever seen the Masai wearing anything like that. (and before I get flamed please dont think that comment is serious)

But on a serious note, has anyone ever worn these or known of anyone who worn them?

Do they actually do anything other than make you another inch taller?


Hi Helga
I love my MBT, its simply the best.
If you do the "MBT-walking", they will work your feet, hamstrings and glutes in a very possitive way.


What is the 'MBT Walking'.


MBT-walking is taking smaller steps, and NOT starting each step by raising the kne, but instead let the foot do the work in tandem with the hamstrings and the hips.
Look at the homepages for MBT-shoes, they have animations on how to walk.
In Denmark you try the shoes for 30 min. before buying them and instruction in how to use them by a therapeut.



Are you two serious? These look like something someone with a club foot would wear. I apologize if either of you have a club foot.


My posts are definately serious. I have never worn them and they were talked about in another post so I asked a question of people who may know. You got a problem with that!