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MBE's Bedroom T-Cell Gathering


There will be a meeting of my bedroom T-cell sometime within the next five minutes. The topics covered will be how many tissues I have left and what cd is in my stereo. No beverages containing Red #40 will be permitted on my carpet. Finger puppets are encouraged. Thank you.

MBE: "Don't question it. Don't look at it. Don't consider it's existence. Idiot, you just did, didn't you? Since 1433."


Meeting? You some sort of Boardroom Monkey now?

Hmmm...tissues. I believe the question ain't how many, but what size of box?


He lives.


I've heard of using the other hand -- the so-called "Stranger" -- but finger puppets? That's inspired.


Welcome back Thunder glutes!


Finger puppets? that would be like having 10 different people all at one time.........that is if two hands were required for the show.

I am guessing you have a boutique box of tissues and they contain lotion.


All of you get the hell out of my room, it is time for me to gnaw upon the carpet. Ohh, tissues, how very taboo. You know I hear tale you can blow your nose with 'em too...Where's fatcans Merrow? Somebody go summon him.

MBE: "Yes, he decided to post today. Please refrain from self-soilage. Since 1567."




See what happens when Trader Joe's starts mixing paint chips with their salsa?


Patricia, now Eric can ask how big your box is? Tee hee hee. :wink:


Maybe you'll start posting every day that you have a bedroom T-cell meeting.




Let's try this again. Hopefully my picture goes through this time. This is me and was taken 5 minutes ago as I was preparing for MBE's bedroom T-Cell meeting. I hope I'm not late. I have my own Kleenex, BTW.