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MBear's Log


Hello T-Nation,

Today I decided to nut up and start a log, as I have been reading articles and the forum here for about a year. I am a collegiate soccer player, and I have been hitting the weights on and off for about 2 years, with this last year being consistent. My passion for lifting really grew over the last year, and I feel it has been major positive component of my life.

Basic Info:

Height: 6' 3
Weight: ~230
Age: 18


Bench: 250
Dead: 500
Squat: 405 for reps

I am blessed to be in college, and I make the most of the weight room and dining services on campus. My goals are to improve athletic performance, and self-improvement. I typically run a BB split, but I'll use some weeks/days as explosive/ strength days that focus on the BB split body part


12/5 Back

Warm Up (treadmill, cuff work)

BB rows
bar x12
95 x12
135 x10
185 x8
225 x8

100 x12
120 x10
130 x10
140 x8

HS Row- inside grip

1pps x12
2pps x12
3pps x10
4pps x10

HS row-
same as above but using top grip

Pullover Machine-
90 x12
140 x10
140 DS 120 100

felt tired today, decided to start with BB rows instead of Deads


12/7 Chest

Warm up (tread and cuff work)

Incline Bench
bar x12
95 x12
135 x10
185 x8
205 x2 PR

Flat Dumbbell
85 x10
95 x10
100 x8 PR

3 sets of BW x12

Rope Press downs
3 x12
DS on final set

DB flies
30 x12
35 x12
35 x10

felt sick today, took longer rest periods. been up late studying for finals and the colder weather is starting to hit me. still managed to squeeze out a few PR's


12/8 Lower

Warm Up

DB goblet squats
40 x10 x2

Safety Squats- last two sets felt like I was a millimeter away from breaking parallel

bar x12
120 x10
165 x10
255 x5
305 x5
365 x3
435 x1
435 x2

Rack pulls

255 x2
315 x2
405 x2
495 x2

Elevated Split Squats

35 each hand x10 per leg
repeat with 30


BW x12
25 plate x12 x2 sets

Finished with lots of stretching, had a solid workout.


12/9 Shoulders

Warm Up

Rear Delt Pec Deck
5 x12

Rear Delt Cable X's
3 x12

Side Laterals
30 x10
40 x10
45 x10

DB Shrugs
110 x10 x2 sets with hold at top

Reverse Hyper
3 x10

I wanted to put some focus on rear delts today, so I put them first. The rest of the workout was pretty scattered and didn't have much intensity. I did some reverse hyper for recovery from squats yesterday.


I've been having some computer issues for a while, but I think I have them all sorted out. Still been training, just unable to post. Here are the two most recent sessions:

1/6 Chest

Incline BB
warm ups
225x5 PR

Flat DB


Incline DB Flies


Cable Crossovers

4x12 final set double DS


1/7 Hamstrings


550x1 PR

After these pulls the gym owner tried to talk me into doing a PL meet next weekend at his gym. I doubt I'll do it, but it got me thinkin....

GHR off seated calf


Iso leg curls

3x12 right leg
4x12 left leg


1/9 Back

Band Assisted Chins

BB rows
4 sets, worked up to 225x8

HS high rows
1pps x10
2pps x10
3pps x10

Cable low rows medium handle

DB pullovers


I am absolutely terrible at keeping a log.

1/21 Shoulders

Hang cleans

side raise

cable x's