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MBE Small World

I just met MBE about an hour ago in PENN STATION NYC. Actually he reconized me I had on my Testosterone t-shirt and called me by my handler’s name “fitone” I didn’t know who he was. And he said MBE from t-mag forum.

My shirt gave me away. I tell u its a small world out there. Well I wish we could have chatted a little longer but he was going to work and I was getting off of work. It was nice meeting you though MBE.

In Health,

Silas C.

Silas, while I agree it’s a small world, I just wanted to point out that you’ve actually met him before.

You both did a Renegade thing (seminar, workshop?) at Grant’s house with Coach D a few months back.

If what Roman says is true, then that is seriously funny.

is this guy for real???

Now that you saw him, do you think that you could take him?

I second Roman’s assertion. Small, yet extraordinarily clueless world.

My day has been made.

This, my friends, is classic.

“I second Roman’s assertion. Small, yet extraordinarily clueless world.”

Well put…

“I think that Clueless (1995) was very deep. I think it was deep in the way that it was very light. I think lightness has to come from a very deep place if it’s true lightness”

~ Alicia Silverstone

I thought he looked familliar I remember face not names w/people I get in contact w/ so many diffrent people I can’t keep up w/ the names.

I had a felling that I was going to get flamed for this post like I always do.

Oh Well. Its a Froum for crying out loud no use to getting worked over from it.

At least I brighten some people’s day.

By the way you guys all are not “HARDCORE” enough:0)

In Health,

Silas C.

Oh my god. Hahahaha.

Cupcake – Did you make that quote up?

Your’e really Ricky Henderson aren’t you?

That is so funny!-Sometimes I wonder how you find your way home?

Hang on a minute guys.
Fitone barely met MBE (5 mins max) and from memory it was pre Christmas.

I can’t remember everyone I meet and anyone who does must have an exceptional memory. Lighten up on the guy a bit.

Hyphnz hey thanks for backing me up there. I guess what ever I do I get flamed for it. I am use to it by now. By the way it was less the five min I think it was more of a hadshake and hi and bye situation. I though I do remember it now he did have a carveboard and someonelse was carrying Clubbells. I even forgot who he was with. Sorry.

In Health,

Silas C.

Just bustin’ your balls, man.