MBE: Powerlifting results

Hey Eric, I lost your e-mail address. But I figured I’d find you on here. I ended up taking first place at the meet with the following lifts (done raw) at 193 bodyweight: Squat-430, Bench-320, Deadlift-490. Erica was the only girl who lifted, and finished with the following lifts at 123 bodyweight: Squat-170, Bench-100, Deadlift-210. E-mail me again so I can get you address. -John

Thats some pretty decent lifting for your weight, and raw to boot. Keep up the good work. Feels good to win huh!?

Are those pretty common numbers for female competitors? If so, Patricia needs to compete.

Damn Johnny, you fuckin’ freak. Are you still on your special diet which consists of obstaining from anything green or leafy and all things formerly living and moving on their own accord? I was forced into early retirement this week by my gym owner (whom I told I was leaving anyhow). He got cross with me when I told one of our mutual clients to keep his feet planted when he benched (which upset his sensibilities I suppose, though he’d never do anything to correct it). I’m looking at gyms around here, hey, maybe I’ll call Doc B. and we can have coffee and then squat (dear lord no). For those of you who aren’t familiar with John, his pic appeared in Reader Mail, Issue 223.

MBE: “Making friends, seeing places, holding hands, bashing in faces, since 1311.”


How much does patricia weigh?

I am not sure if you really wanted an answer to your question or not, but I will answer it just in case. I just returned from WABDL Worlds Championship, and there were some pretty strong women there. One lady in her 20’s Deadlifted 418lbs. SO the woman stated on the post would likley not be a Champion …yet. You should get Patricia into it, if she has time, she sounds awfully busy to me!

Hey Sully,

Great lifts at 190. How tall are you? I love the raw lifting. Any web sites to view photos or see what others are doing RAW. Was your Dead Sumo or Conventional style?

Ko & Powerlifter-No those lifts are definately not world class, though keep in mind they were done without any supportive equipment (not even a belt) and the girl in question is only 20 and has been powerlifting for just 10 weeks.
MBE-Yeah, I still eat mostly dead animals. Though I had some lettuce on a Wendy’s chicken sandwich the other night. Next time I come down we can see if we can get together and give that Westside workout a try.
K.R.C.-I’m 5’10, and I pulled sumo. I’ve done 470 conventional (and 425 with a 2" thick bar) but I like sumo better. Check out Powerlfiting USA magazine for meet results (RAW included). I’ll try to post some pictures when I get them back.

Patricia is5’4" at 121 lbs right now, and pulls 290 in the dead, 160 bench and around 225 in the squat. She was thinking about entering for fun sometime, but was wondering how her lifts would compare.

If Patricia can deadlift around 300 lbs at 123 she would win most meets i’ve seen in a landslide. A lot of it depends on the area you’re competing in but I think you typically only see numbers like that for a female at national level meets. You could get a copy of powerlifting USA and it has a section that posts all the meets and the winners lifts in each weight class which will help give you an idea.

Not to mention, I bet Pat’s lifts are done raw or near it? ie, no wraps/squat suit/bench shirt. Not that I condone those things, in fact I think they’re kinda sissy, but the lifts would go up with 'em even more.

Right on Sully,

I am 5’10 as well and 182. I have not got past 385 in the Squat RAW. Mind you I sit as deep as humanly possible and pause the bottom before coming up. I also have hit 320 in the Bench and have been Deadlifting conventional off of 4" of block. Last night I pulled 240 for 22 reps. I have not trained Sumo for quite a while but am a much stronger Deadlifter pulling Sumo.

Its interesting to have someone to compare to height wise.