MBE Breaks Own Rule and Trains in Gym

Heya T-Freques. This evening I broke my rule of the last 4 years by training within the walls of a gym, specifically the gym I work in. Reason being, I am on Mr. King’s Limping into November program and decided that following the protocol sans squat rack would not have been the most enlightened of pursuits. As such, I went to my gym, water bottle, training lawg and Surge in tow. Despite a lack of decent music and more individuals than I prefer, the rack was open to my full disposal and I left attempting to walk straight. Perhaps I shall invest in a small MP3 player and make this a…habit. To John Roman in advance: shut up, ass. Lata.

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Just wait until the old ladies start tapping you on the shoulder to ask questions while you’re squatting…

You might consider investing in a squat\power rack instead. Not too expensive, certainly cheaper then an mp3 player and gym membership. The rack will outlast them too.

I just wanted to say good job. I know you’re not really into conventional gyms, so making that sort of change for sake of your goals is admirable. I’m proud of you, Eric. I’ll even leave out the “I told you so.” Let me know how those legs are feeling, by the way.

Tinman, I work at this gym as a trainer so the membership fee is moot. John, and I mean this honestly, thank you. It means a great deal coming from you. As far as DOMS, I have none which surprised me. *Guess I’ll just have to try harder (*Even though we all know a sore muscle is not indicative of progress). Lata.

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raising eyebrow ala Spock Impressive and very interesting. Hope your first (of four years), discursion into a gym was a good one. It may well provide you with inspiration for more “MBEisms” for the forum…

And you know, it will help you in getting more clients - you know people see you train, see that you know what you're doing, etc.

What have you been doing for legs for the last 4 years since you don’t have a squat rack? I know from reading your messages on the forum that you train hard.

KB, over the years I’ve used variations of DB squats with my Power Bocks, barbell squats by cleaning the bar overhead (limited weight on these), along with a multitude of Deads and Dealift variations. I’ve always had a compact build and my legs have always been thick, so I never really made an issue out of lack of machinery. Though I now have access to the gym, I will continue to work out at home as much as possible. It just feels proper. Thanks for chiming in, KB. ALways great to see you on my threads. Lata.

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Eric, about the soreness. I found a great way to always have sore legs. You do heavy dumbell chest presses and at the end you drop the dumbells on your legs before you sit up. Great soreness. It won’t do squat for muscle growth though…

I don’t even get sore from doing that anymore. Silly deadened pain receptors.

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MB Eric… what variation of DB squats do you use?

Several different variations with my Powerblocks, mostly stiff-legged but I’m going to start doing a more “Kingish” style of squat. Occasionally I take on a wide stance. One mandatory item for me to deadlift is Public Enemy’s “Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos”. It is non-negotiably, absolutely required.

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