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MBE at T-mag

Monkeyboy, I see from the photo forum that you caught up with Shugs to organise the NYC T-cell, well spill the beans (or should that be bananas?) how did it go? I expect a detailed post or even better an article.

Agree, M…

The information you shared could help us all in our organization efforts…


Suffice to say that our guys at T-Mag are dead serious and set on complete world domination. See the thing is, on any occasion in which cross-continental control is the wont of a power, a small, stong core must first be developed (I beleive this is more Transformers than Sun Tzu, but I digress). John and I were fortunate enough to have a very enthusiastic and willing response to the creation of T-Cell NYC/Metro. Since our group became cohesive in such a short amount of time, T-mag expressed interest in working with us to form a more perfect (i.e. more beautifully dysfunctional) union. “But MBE, what does that mean for the rest of us T-Freques? I’m not in New York and I feel cheated!” Shut the f…Sorry, just the New Yawk showin’. The NYC/Metro is the experimental group here. We, appropriotely enough are the official space monkeys of T-Nation. Diggin’? Diggin’. Apart from binging on sushi, playing with sharp objects, and listening to him whimper because he forgot his favorite stuffed animals “The Filthy Fluffy Hippo Twins Dandy and Candy” at home, Shugsy and I discussed the very real possibility of A T-Nation event in NYC. Alright, now replace “discussed” with “attempted to finalize” and replace “very real possibility” to “Decide when the fuck to blow this here pinata out” and you have a much more truthful grasp on the conversation. At this point Joel Marion is saying “Letters”, I know it. For the rest of my Freques, consider this; T-mag proposes T-Nation. T-Nation launched. T-Mag expresses interest in embryotic T-Cells. T-Mag flies a guy who refers to himself as “Monkeyboy” to stay in a luxurious hotel for a weekend to discuss further growth of said T-Cell. Perhaps I’m a little naive, somewhat jaded, a bit overstimulated in questionable protions of the cerebral cortex, BUT, would T-Mag be going through all this rediculousness if they were not fully intent on T-Nation? I’m probably most likely going to choose to go with a resounding no. Go ye forth T-Freques. Form thy T-cells. Groups of Two, ten, Two tens and a five, it don’t matter, we’re gettin’ organizized. Our NYC/Metro guys already know. It’s not possible, not “in the works”, not “a consideration”, not a prototype, it’s on. yep. Now we enter a new era. Get a little more interactive, a sliver more intense. And Darwin smiled upon them. Questions? Comments?

MBE: "Swingin' through tha trees bringin' suckas to their knees with the rest just beggin' please with their heads between their knees. Eternal."


You may be “overstimulated” MBE, but at least you added in periods to your paragraph…sorry, another thread…

I wanna throw this in: It's time to solidify a West Coast T-Chapter. I know of a few Northwest T-People: Ike, Chris Merrow, brider, Tyler - who else am I missing? And of course, Ko and I. And there are the fine folks down in N. Calif and S. Calif. We could combine "T-forces", if you will.

What y'all think?

I think I wanna know if there are any T-people out here in Japan… :frowning:

Letters. We gettin’ all kindsa stabilized and 'ish; ya heard?

I am a Vancouverite living in Seattle, so that makes me West Coast.

I live in the NY metro area and am interested in participating the T-cell in this area. How do I join or become active? Thanks!

Rave, if you’re interested, please drop Chris Shugart a line and ask him to forward your email address to myself and MBE. We’ll take care of you.

He sent some earlier today, though, so if you get a confirmation email you'll know this he's on top of things.

We'll talk to you soon.

I will be interested in hearing what the NYC event ends up being.(what a crappy sentence)

To Joel, say what??