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Mazda Speed6 Upgrades


I'm looking into buying a brand new Speed6. I have some questions, though, that ya'll may be able to answer.

What can I upgrade on this car?

I know I can upgrade the exhaust system, but as far as performance, what else can I upgrade? Can I actually get a bigger turbo for it or is it built in so that it's not practical?

I don't know a lot about cars but I know some people that would love to do this kind of work with me if I bought the parts - but I'd need some ideas on what kind of things to upgrade...

So any ideas?



I don't think there will be a lot of performance upgrades out there for this particular car. In that price range, you would be able to get a Subaru WRX STI or a Mitsu Evo, both of which have AWD and a wide variety of performance upgrades available. You would be blending in with the crowd though.

You might try and look online for a forum devoted to the Mazdaspeed6:



So far I haven't seen many, but you can bet they will be coming. That's a market someone will be all over.

One of our own here at T-Nation just got one recently. I'll see if I can get him to post about this with ya.

I for one am a die-hard STi fanatic. But honestly, I am pretty nuts about any AWD turbo.


I love STi's, also. My main reasons for not wanting to get one are:

  1. Everyone around here has one.
  2. The back seat is tiny.
  3. The wing is ridiculous.


Won't argue these points; altho I have two children and the back seat is fine for them. I can also get all of my guitar gear back there no problem (with out the kid seats, obviously). But that's subjective.

The wing is easily remedied in many ways. I have considered getting rid of mine, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Like I said, I'm a die-hard. As a Suby nerd, we waited a long time to get them here in the US. I think the wing is kinda classic now. However, I do still consider just buying a stock wingless trunk lid from the factory and having it painted so I can go wingless if I want and not have to get rid of it entirely.

'Tis true you see far fewer Mazdaspeed6's on the road, though. Pretty rare so far.

Have you been to mazdaspeed6club.com or any other online club sites yet?