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Mayweather vs Pacquiao


Damn it I want to see this thing so bad. I already know the outcome. Mayweather. It will go the full fight. But with out a doubt Mayweather will have it. I just want him to shut a few people up once and for all


Mayweather easy. I give Pac 3 rounds to be fair.

I thought he would box his ears off before he got floored by Marquez.

Mayweather is on a different level.


I was reading something about mayweather and they agree that he is the greatest of his time. But said his record will before ever tarnished
because he didn't fight any one to be considered a challenge


I'm not sold at best ever... I just don't like his resume. I think Floyd is too careful picking his fights. Smart, but that's why I don't have him as ATG.

I would like to see him vs. Sweet Pea @ 135.

Two slick defensive counter-punchers, but Pernell is a Southpaw.

Now THAT would have been a fantasy match for sure.

I can see Pernell taking a split decision though.

I also have Duran higher at 135. And of course Robinson higher at Welterweight.


Nobody agrees he is the best of all time. Nobody. Except people that don't know boxing.

Floyd is probably in the top 20 boxers of all time, but just at the edge - almost everyone in boxing would rank Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Marvin Hagler, Henry Armstrong, Stanley Ketchel, Roberto Duran, Jack Dempsey, Sugar Ray Leonard, Willie Pep, and several others above him.

And to be fair to Floyd, he has fought some good opponents, especially at lightweight - Castillo and Corrales come to mind, as well as a few others. He fought Hatton when he was undefeated, he fought Oscar before he was totally shot, he fought Shane Mosley coming off the Margarito win. Alvarez is certainly a huge feather in his cap as well.

That being said, he is much better than the current competition. That's not his fault, but it will hurt his all-time rank just like it's hurt Rocky Marciano's.

I probably rank Floyd somewhere in the top 25 of all time but nowhere near the top.


I said it some years ago, Mayweather would win a battle with Manny! Now with a past-prime Pacquiao, it would even be even 'easier' - Manny fought against Marquez for four times, and hasn't won ONE clearly, but got knocked out in the last one. Mayweather won a fair & clear UD against Marquez, no loss, no draw, no split-decision, no majority decision or questionable UD. It was a clear WIN!

Alvarez wasn't special at all, he won against Trout, but with a far too wide result. It would even have been close, if there were no knockdown for Canelo. So, what is next for Mayweather?

Marquez II isn't needed, but if Bradley wins, and stays undefeated, what about Bradley? The Matthysse-Garcia winner was supposed to get the next shot against Mayweather. Is Garcia a real threat? Canelo is young, but a rematch? It wasn't even close. Many people want to see Cotto again, if he wins his next bout.

Maybe it would be a mismatch, but i would like to see Mayweather getting his next title in his next division, against fading Sergio Martinez in the middleweight. Get it on!


Floyd against Pernell would be the most boring fight you could possibly make.

Styles make fights, and that one would suck.

Now a guy like Duran, or Leonard, or Tommy Hearns - someone who would make him FIGHT - that would be worth watching.

I think Duran absolutely mauls him, but that's just me.


This is where I disagree with everybody. I don't think there's anybody that can make him change his game plan. Any fighters that try to force it will get frustrated, lose their technique, or walk into a punch a la hatton.

The only reason I wouldn't give him GOAT is because Leanord dominated way more weight classes. The only way I see Mayweather losing is against someone heavier who can take a punch and throw a more solid one.


But that's cause you're seeing him against other guys who box in this day and age, when there's a much smaller pool of good professional fighters.

Back in the day (70s and back) you had a HUGE pool of fighters, and guys who had those sort of genetic gifts that Mayweather has weren't playing pro football like they're doing now - they were fighting.

Leonard was as fast as Mayweather, but had an awesome jab and hit fucking HARD.. he would beat Mayweather. Duran was a born fighter who could box, and threw lots of punches in combinations. If Mayweather decided to fight him, Duran would hurt him. Hearns, fighting at 147, was gigantic and hard to hide from. He had a great jab, his reach was tremendous, and he had a huge right hand behind it - so huge that it stunned Marvin Hagler at 160.

These guys were no joke dude. They fought more fights, against better competition, than May ever has, and more importantly, they were also genetically gifted people.

Think about how bad Sugar Ray Leonard mauled his father. Think about how badly Chavez mauled his uncle. When you're in with truly great fighters, the game changes.


Fuck this fight, I hope it never happens.

It will legit be one of the first fights I place actual money on, and the money will be on pacquiao looking like a chump.

I don't understand how people think this fight will be competitive, or even entertaining... Pacquiao got beat (yeah he did, fuck the officials) by Marquez 3 times, maybe 4. Marquez himself admits he is not nearly the counter puncher that Floyd is.

Manny has problems with counter punchers period. He's a brawler with fast hands. Mayweather is the best counter puncher in the world at the moment, and probably easily top 20 all time.

Whats he going to do to Mayweather, the same gameplan 45 others had? "constant pressure" "punches in bunches" "destroy his shoulder" etc etc, that worked real well for all those other guys yeah


I don't buy into this nonsense Mayweather needs rivalry's to cement his legacy. Guys made a career out of dominating future HOF fighters.

I don't know understand the premise he needs a rivalry. So what, if he had lost to Hatton, Guerrero, Oscar, Marquez or whoever and then comeback and won it says more about him? rather than, what he actually did, which was to go out there and dominate. He had 1 "controversial" fight, which he went out and corrected.

Roberto Duran isn't on Mayweathers level. Guys getting publicity off Mayweathers name. he described Mayweather as "just another fight" if he was in Durans era and "nothing special". Ridiculous. Duran isn't a big name like Mayweather. And he isn't a big name for his time. People don't mention him with SRL and Hearn. Unless there mentioning he was just another fighter that lost. He said hed simply walk Mayweather down - ye, and hed simply get KO.

Floyd might not be the greatest ever but hes close. Look at the level of respect he has amongst fighters. Martinez, Hatton, Judah, Marquez, Cotto - all say hed beat Pacman.

I don't see what his father and uncle being beat has to do with it? Boxings a different game now and Floyds a different level. Not conclusive but to just dispute 1 point - Bernard Hopkins said Mayweather is up there with Ali and SRR - and he nos shit about boxing!

guys fought 80, 90, 100+ fights back in the day because they made fuck all money.


everybody talks about how Floyd cant KO people. yet they never mention that hes never even been put down. that every single fighter whos promised to ko him (bar mosley!) hasn't even come close. Cotto busted him up a bit tbf. but still. point is, floyds got the boxing mentality - made a tonne of money and taken as little punishment as possible along the way. that's the aim. that's what ppl dream of. not going in there and getting fcuked up. most of the guys going into boxing because they cant do anything else. ye they wanna dish out punishment, but anyone who goes in there wanting to take it is off their head.

Duran has very little if any respect for Floyd. hes been hating in on him for years. all hes done is criticise him. hes trolling. hes using moneys name to get publicity. because financially he isn't on mayweathers level. very few other than hardcore or ppl from the older generation wanna hear what he has to say.

he says hed walk him down, bust him up, brawl him. ok. alright, ye its that simple? hed do that and get ko. floyds faster, far more intelligent, far better conditioned than duran ever was. he doesn't compare. its an insult. people talk about respect for your elders. seems like a few of them would do well to respect the modern era. duran was even talking about how itd taken him 4 rounds to beat mayweather ffs. no respect.

come to ko Floyd. and youll lose. come and REALLY try to ko Floyd. and youll get KO yourself. he knocked down marquez, had mosley, marquez and even canelo back up. he walked those guys down. he was conservative. he didn't need to take the risk, he was conservative. but they all gave up and covered up after 8 rounds. except hatton and....


we need a like button


In what world are you living?


The modern world.

I actually said "...like Mayweather", which he isn't. Take it in context. read what else I wrote. I said hardcore boxing fans aside.

In the modern era he isn't a big name - when was the last time he was interviewed for his opinion in a big fight? does he do commentary? analysis? no. mainstream interviews? no.

I live in the UK. 9/10 people no Muhammad ali, tommy hearns, sugar ray Robinson, sugar ray Leonard. --Roberto Duran tho? no. he was "just another boxer" of his era ironically.

the only way he got a large portion of people talking about him recently was using moneys name.


Floyd on his style

"There's nothing cool about taking punishment. Everybody talks about pleasing the fans, but if you don't have all your faculties and all your screws are loose, the fans are going to move on to the next.

"I truly believe I could have banged with Canelo and eventually knocked him out in probably the eighth round, but I could have taken a lot of punishment also, which could have messed my career up to where I wouldn't have been able to fight four more fights.

"It hurts my feelings to look at [Muhammad] Ali's situation. He fought for the people, to please them. You've got to fight to please yourself first. Self-preservation."



I don't disagree with what Floyd says particularly, especially not for younger fighters. But he's a 36 year old man who's made hundreds of millions of dollars already. If he's not doing it for the fans, the glory or his legacy, then it makes no sense for him to still be fighting.

The idea that Duran was 'just another fighter' is so misguided that it's not really worth addressing at any length. Duran was perhaps an all time top ten p4p fighter, and was certainly one of the most formidable guys to ever enter the ring. Modern 'fans' may not know him, but that's because they are mostly tapout wearing fan boys who think they are tough guys because mummy and daddy pay their gym dues and they did some body sparring once or twice. They don't have the attention span, or the depth of understanding of the sport, to appreciate the level some fighters have reached and the kind of factors that can prove decisive at that point. They just say Mayweather is the greatest because they've seen him beat everyone and keep his '0'.

My opinion is that Mayweather would be beatable for a great fighter who was either an aggressive front foot fighter with a dynamic defense, or a taller rangier fighter with great fundamentals. That makes Duran and Hearns pretty good bets. SRL was just all round slicker than Mayweather in my opinion. Hagler would have done bad things to little Floyd too. And that's just the four kings, before we go back to guys like Henry Armstrong, Willie Pep, etc etc. For me, he would be lucky to be rated in the top 25 all time fighters just in weights he has actually fought at!


I'm sorry but this is Bullshit.

To make a statement like this about Duran illustrates a lack of information.
I think perhaps you should explore his history as I think you would enjoy it.
To hypothesise that all he would do is try walk down Mayweather is false. He mixed things up with Leonard; outfought, out thought, outboxed and beat him.

Duran was perhaps the greatest Lightweight of all time and At his prime Duran was a cult hero; not only for his performances, but for the aura around him. He was revered by the masses and the boxing aficianados alike for his visceral nature as much as Dempsey, Chavez or Tyson.

EDIT: Ok, I never read the full thread- I didnt see the defense of Duran before I posted.
He's also having a biopic made of his life. Man was a Legend.


Great post. Exactly what I think.

Roberto Duran is the greatest lightweight of all time. Of all fucking time. That includes Mayweather's very strong run at that weight - but Duran's was better.

The man started off just as small as Mayweather, but ended up fighting another all time great - Marvin Hagler - at middlweight, just to fight him.

Nobody is like Roberto Duran. Nobody.


Interesting survey. Can we see the actual published document?

BTW, the idea that all of these people know SRL and Tommy Hearns but not Duran makes little sense considering that among their biggest fights Duran was an opponent. In fact, it could be argued that SRL's two biggest fights were with Duran...and Duran won one of them which makes it a little odd that he would be considered "just another boxer."

If someone knows SRL and not Duran I would call them a liar. The idea that someone would know Hearns and not the more popular Duran is also ridiculous.