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Mayweather vs. Ortiz



Well it ain't pac, but its better than what we've been seeing from Floyd or Manny lately.


I think that it'll be a decent PPV, better than usual for a fighter in Mayweather's position. A prime champion coming off of a good win hasn't made the B side of a PPV in quite some time now.


I'm sick of boxing, unless the name Sergio Martinez is mentioned I don't give a flying fuck anymore.


should be entertaining. I cant see Ortiz winning this fight on his best day, but he does bring size(5'10") youth and power to the table so anything is possible when you factor in those variables.


?At this stage of my career, these are the challenges I look for, a young, strong, rising star looking to make his mark in boxing by beating me."

Just as long as that young, strong rising star isn't Filipino and has a legit shot at dethroning you right?


If you don't see that Ortiz is EXACTLY a tuneup for Pacquaio, you're fooling yourselves.

Mayweather is going against what? A young, fast, extremely hard hitting southpaw who isn't as skilled as Pac but has the raw talents just the same. This is Pac-lite. If he can defeat, maybe even dominate Ortiz, who is bigger, stronger, and more powerful, Mayweather will finally convince himself that he can take on Pacquaio and beat him.

On the other end, Pac is fighting Marquez, who is a smaller, slightly less skilled version of Mayweather. Sure, Marquez is more willing to mix it up and leaves himself open far more, but he's a fighter who relies completely on his straight right hand, who likes counterpunching, and is prone to not only think during fights, but make huge adjustments in strategy depending what the situation calls for.

In a way, they are both fighting less skilled versions of the other fighter.

These fights will be the Spanish Civil war to May and Pac's World War II- a testing ground, and the precursor to, the biggest battle in years.

If they both win, I bet the fight FINALLY gets signed for May of next year.


Please let it be so.


I have a friend (businessman travels a lot) who knows Leonard Ellerbe, and well this friend told me last week about this fight being announced this week sometime AND that it indeed is a tune-up for a showdown between Money & PacMan next year. I didnt really think much of it until the fight was announce today, then I was like "holy-shit this guy isn't bullshitting"...take it for what its worth, my boy wasn't lying about the first part we can hope he is right about the second part.


"Sergio Martinez has trouble finding anyone to fight him"

"Roach says he'd like to "shut Martinez up"" (But doesn't take the fight)

"Bob Arum says "Martinez is not big enough for JCC""

"Cotto to avoid fight with Martinez"

"HBO refuses to set Martinez date until October"

There's probably no-one I like hearing about less than Martinez...


I don't much like Mayweather but I have to give him props as a businessman. When he asked for 100 million to fight Pacquiao everyone said he was insane. When he "turned down" Bob Arum's 65 million everyone said he was clearly terrified. Now the grapevine places his offer at 75 mill and clmbing. Who'd have thought it?

If Mayweather dominates Victor I'll be much more impressed than if Pacman dominates Marquez...


This is the thing - everyone has been saying for so long that he's "scared" to fight Pac. Really? He's a fighter, and a fighter that's faces so many incredible opponents, from a young and hungry Castillo to an old lion in Mosley- the guy ain't scared. Especially considering the demo job he did on Pac's foil, Marquez.

And figuring that now, both of them are fighting high level opponents in their prime within two months of each other. If they both win, the clamor for the fight will reach a din that you have not ever seen for a boxing match. Between that, HBO's 24-7, and the publicity blitz that will follow, this could be the biggest fight of all time.

Mayweather knows all of this.


the overream vs werdum matchup coming up soon is of much more interest to me. I can't wait to see overream knock this guy senseless in the first round. If werdum thinks this is the same 205lber he faces many years ago, hes sadly mistaken. werdum couldn't get arlovski down, how on earth is going to get a monster like overream down. and god forbid he or anyone else tries and stands with him, its good night for them.

He didn't win the K1 grand prix for being just a decent stand up fighter. hes the best, period. we will see how he deals with guys trying to take him down. but overream is well versed on the ground having fought many wrestlers at 205. he won some and lost some, but now that his skill level is much higher, and his size and strength are much greater, i don't see anyone beating him. but in mma anything can happen.


My boy Money will be in the house. Glad to see a fighter of his caliber to step back in the ring.


Still, he could manage his taxes better :wink:


I think you may have posted this in the wrong thread. This thread is about Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Victor Ortiz. A boxing match.


Robert A


I think people overlook one important aspect of why the fight hasn't happened yet: money. Originally this fight was worth 40 million guaranteed to each fighter, now there is an offer as high as 75 million dollars guaranteed to each fighter. Pacquiao and Mayweather have increased their potential earnings for the fight just by staying away from each other while earning 30-40 million per fight in the meantime.

I suppose he's just too good for his own good.


I can't say this is a tune up for Pacquiao, that remains to be seen. However, Ortiz is a redeemed young Mexican welterweight champion that will come to fight and the fight will be on Mexican Independence day. I expect HBO to make 24/7 question whether Mayweather is still in his prime and give Ortiz a very good chance at an upset. This could turn out to be a strong PPV for Mayweather despite the long layoff.


Ok, how dominant do both Mayweather and Pac have to be in order for this to work? KO's? Will the hype machine progress even if one or both have trouble with their respective opponents?

I want Pac vs Mayweather to happen very badly. I guess I am being a pessimist, but I can see either one having a little too much trouble in these fights, and getting gun shy about taking on the other. Or Roger Mayweather gets arrested for kicking puppies or some shit.


Robert A


yes, i forgot, people here absolutely never ever ever go off track of the main topic, lol.


Summer of 2012 looks like a strong possibility to me. Mayweather is an active fighter again and will be fighting, Pac is fighting in November, and the summer usually produces good gates and PPV buy rates. There will be enough time to promote the fight and if Pacquiao and Mayweather look strong in in their upcoming fights I could see more money being on the table.