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Mayweather vs Ortiz Outcome


I have to admit, the only thing I really laughed at was how Mayweather laid into Larry Mecharant. saying how Hbo should fire his ass and get someone else to interview him. Mayweather getting right in Merchants face. personally, i never liked Merchant, he's just a big ass. Then larry is like, "if i was 50 years younger, id kick your ass" Oh really larry, your going to kick a pound for pound world champion's ass. I just had to laugh.

As far as the fight goes, Everyone is saying how "close" the fight was. Aside from a few occasions were Ortiz got mayweather against the ropes and landed a "couple" of clean punches, mayweather for the most part controlled the entire 4 round fight. You may not like what mayweather did, it was perfectly legal and ortiz needs to protect himself at all times.


I agree with everything you said....BUT in the end it was a cheap shot. It also does not help that Mayweather is a fucking loudmouth and flashy.

I ado agree the Larry Merchant thing was pretty funny.


It wasn't a cheap-shot, you are supposed to defend yourself all the times.

Boxing needs Mayweather because he is the one who sells PPV and cater audience outside the die-hard fans.

Since when do we saw boxing on such a spotlight lately besides Pacquiao?