Mayweather vs McGregor

I think we all know that this fight is more a sideshow than a real boxing match. Mayweather, whether you like him or not, is one of the greatest in his division even as a retiree. Some dislike him because of his hit and run style, others because of his constant rhetoric. But in all fairness the man can box and he can do it quite well. This is more than I can say for the overmatched McGregor.

McGregor on the other hand is an MMA fighter with reasonably good hands. And a penchant for incredible self-promotion and braggadocio. He has achieved MMA success not because he is one of the best. In a sport that demands fighters be able to punch, kick, grapple and submit he is woefully inadequate in at least one of those areas. He has achieved such prominence primarily because Dana White and company saw him as big box office dollars. They then made sure that he spent as little time on the ground as possible where he is most deficient. He has yet to fight a really good grappler who has had time to train. So be it. Currently Dana White controls the sport and he sometimes makes or breaks fighters depending on their ability to sell tickets. This may change in the near future but that’s another story.

Being both a boxing and MMA fan I think this is a classic mismatch. I don’t believe McGregor could even beat an amateur champion much less Floyd Mayweather. To those who just don’t get it yet, boxing is an entirely different sport than MMA. And it takes more than a few months to prepare to fight one of boxing’s legends. But that won’t stop millions of people from shelling out their hard earned money to watch this Circus sideshow. The fans will be disappointed as it will be quite clear almost from the opening bell that McGregor is in way over his head. While Mayweather is not a power puncher I think he will beat McGregor down fairly early leaving him bloody with eyes puffy enough for the fight to be stopped somewhere between the 4th and 7th rounds. I could certainly be wrong Mayweather may want to carry him a bit longer so that the fans don’t feel cheated.

Of course McGregor has one chance and that is a lucky punch. Make no mistake about it that is his only chance. As a boxer he is totally out classed. I do feel badly for the millions of suckers who will be laying out the bucks to watch this event. But, then again I suppose it is entertainment. No different than paying to see a boxing flick. You already sort of know the ending but that doesn’t stop you from wanting to see it.

And who can blame McGregor? He talked his way into a huge payday. He is currently in a sport where 5 million dollars is just about top dollar. And that sort of money is paid to a very select few and not often. He now transcends into the sport of boxing where he could possibly take home 75 million or more for a single performance. How many of us would turn down that opportunity?

The fight is a joke and should never take place as pure sport. I wish both fighters well and my well wishes go out to Mayweather for once again living up to his name Floyd “money” Mayweather. It takes two to make such large sums of money and Mayweather is usually on one side of it. And also to Conor McGregor a reasonably good MMA fighter who talked his way onto the boxing stage for the biggest payday of his life.

He will come out physically worse for the wear. But fiscally he will be set for the rest of his life and several lifetimes thereafter. And he knows this and that is the only reason that he is doing it. And which one of us could possibly blame him?

Your thoughts?


Michael Jordan once hit a home run in a minor league baseball game. Maybe McGregor lands a knockout blow on a guy who is apparently quite hard to hit. Maybe McGregor gets frustrated and kicks him in the head.

I won’t pay to watch, but I’ll be curious to know the outcome.


Agreed. Total sham, don’t give a fuck about it.

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I would pay all the dollars to see this.


He’d probably lose a lot of money that day due to the Don’t Fuck Up Floyd Mayweather contract clause, but an unsanctioned kick in the face could be a good long-term career move for McGregor.

Even if it wasn’t, he’d at least be in a lot of memes. Pretty hard to put a price on that.

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I think the most McGregor has made for a fight is like $15M so unless they fine him like $70M for a kick to the head then there’s literally no reason for him not to do it.


I think McGregor is looking to retire with a solid payday. He just had a baby, he’s gotten 2 belts, what more is there? I think he’s gonna take the money and run.


for the money they’re getting paid I’d get in the ring and let the two of them kick the shit out of me for 12 rounds. I’d do it with a big fucking smile on my face too.


I’d fight a pack of wild dogs for that kinda money. Right, @csulli (do you even check the site anymore?)

Maybe I should be posting this in the flame free confession thread but I wanted this fight to happen and I’m really happy it is and I think everyone who says they’re not going to watch it are filthy liars. (in the nicest way possible)

McGregor is not woefully inadequate in any aspect of MMA. His jiu jitsu and wrestling are not top level, but he has swept black belts in competition (Nate Diaz, Chad), showed top control (Holloway, euro fight against this huge mofo) and has consistently showed good responsive wrestling and scrambles.

Talk shit about the dudes kicking game, but he has popularized the lead leg low back kick in MMA, and has landed a wheel kick (Barao).
He may only be a world class MMA striker, and have a game essentially built around one punch, but you don’t have 2 belts and dominations over past/current/future UFC champions with big holes in your game. Not how MMA works

Well, actually you can have two belts with big holes in your game if Dana White matches you against the right people, the right way, in the right venue, or do you think Michael Bisping is a legitimate champion? No, I’m sure you know better. There are probable 6 or 7 guys at Welterweight that would defeat Bisping. But Bisping is Dana’s boy and brings in the English ppv dollars. Keep in mind the UFC is a business and currently they have a strangle hold on the industry. They can do what they want when they want.

I am not saying that McGregor is talentless, not at all. But there are several who could beat him today. One such fighter is Frankie Edgar. Ask yourself why Dana chose Chad Mendez on two weeks notice to fight McGregor instead of Frankie Edgar. Simple, Chad is known for his inability to keep in good shape when there is no fight on the horizon. Whereas Frank Edgar is well known for his year round incredible conditioning. Edgar would have wiped up the floor with Conor McGregor and Dana knew it. He wanted to keep his big money boy away from a defeat.

That’s how the UFC plays it and most people know this by now.

McGregor is a good striker for mma I never questioned that. But, he is certainly not a good striker for boxing. And…I think he knows that.

There’s an interview with McGregors head coach where he says they plan to use ‘old school boxing’ and MMA dirty boxing and clinch fighting. As an MMA guy, always like innovation vs traditional technique, but…Floyd’s propably just going to stick and twirl away as McGregor throws lefts at the air.

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Dude knows you can’t grab the other guys head, right?

Short of using MMA tactics McGregor is going to get destroyed pretty much any way that Mayweather wants to do it.

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Chas did not dominate him, but he was winning…he’s a top level mma wrestler.

You stated McGregor is WOEFULLY INADEQUATE. Having a basic understanding of each aspect enough to survive wars and execute your style is not woefully inadequate, and McGregor has that for all aspects of his game.

Your telling me Eddie Alvarez was not a legitimate wrestling threat? (Albeit, completely neautralized rather quickly)

You don’t have to use ever form of attack/style in mma to be the best. You have to understand them all to use yours. McGregor does that amazingly well.

He pieced out Eddie, Jose, Max, Poirier. He was back and forth with Chas, held his own and showed no signs of slowing, though that fight was definently stacked.

In every division there are ppl dangerous to the champion. He has removed all obstacles and broke records over & over. All that’s left at Featherweight was Frankie (before the hiatus ofc). Clearing out a division to a 35 year old man is no mean feat.

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Michael Bisping was not set up as a champion, though he has been protected. He was the only person crazy enough to take that on two weeks, and knocked the shit out of a guy who made the beginner mistake of stepping way to far forward inside the open stance kill zone bcuz he was an arrogant fuck.

Not exactly normal. Rockhold went from humble killer to saintly narcissism in a fight.

And still never faced a world class wrestler. See how the UFC can manipulate things to make you think the way you do?

They are really good huh?

I agree, but look at what you just wrote. “he has been protected.”

So we both know Dana White manipulates things don’t we? He wanted Bisping to stay champion for as long as possible just like McGregor.

Dana white manipulates the shit out of everything, no argument.

A jiu jitsu black belt tapped him out does not imply that his jiu jitsu skills are woefully inadequate XD

Because he got rocked your going to hate on his striking? It’s a fight, no ones perfect. Not fedor, not Anderson.

No one is claiming Dana doesn’t help or Conor is a jiu jitsu master. But where you get off saying someone with a purple belt in jiu jitsu, & 20+ fights with 3 losses when almost everyone wanted to take it to the ground, has WOEFULLY INADEQUATE skills and holes because he didn’t fight one of the two top class wrestlers in his division and he got tapped by a fucking black belt with 10 sub victories is frankly baffling.

The fight games results determines if your skill sets adequate.
If ‘english’ was a skill set of Yoel Romero, he’d prolly have had his shot by now. Not everything is about the physical either, and NO ONE, has McGregor on that.