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Mayweather - Pacquiao!


Allegedly it's on, May 5th 2012.

Open comment thread.


Not after Marquez whoops his ass.


I am actually more curious to see the Marquez fight first. I want to see how a supposedly much more improved and veteran pacman deals with a guy who gave him all sorts of trouble before.


I just want them to fight so that people will move on to a different "fight of the century." I don't even know if it will be that good a boxing match, May is getting old and Pac probably won't go for the kill.


Mayweather still looked damn good against Ortiz.

The fight has to happen this year though, if at all.


He was giving Ortiz a beating before that became a circus, I'm just not sure he can hurt Pac the same way. He's still good, but he seems to have lost a little of the blinding speed he used to have. Maybe he's a smarter fighter now and can get away with being a little slower, I just think that this one goes to a decision where we're deciding whether number of hits or quality of hits should be used to determine the winner.


He's going to devastate Pacquaio. The fight will not be as close as people think.

Mayweather's peak is past - it has been for the past three years at least, since he officially rose to welter. But Pac is not a true welter either, and technically, Mayweather is so far superior.... I could see him kayo'ing pac.


I agree it won't be close, but that's because Pacquaio is going to knock Mayweather out. As long as Pacquiao comes in strong and doesn't get any calf cramps or whatever messed with him last fight, I think he'll win. If he comes in like his last fight, Mayweather could win. Either way though it will be a good fight.

I think as soon as someone overwhelms Mayweather with quick combos and pushes him back his defense will fall apart.

edit: Actually it appears to be a rumor so far. Nothing confirmed. Got excited for nothing.


Ah yes...because nobody has tried THAT plan before....



In your dreams Irish. It ain't going to be a Hatton K.O but it's going to be a big win for Pac.
Pac is stronger, bigger and just as fast as the last time they fought. Yes, Marquez is the 2nd best counter puncher out there after May, but he gets knocked down every single fight. So count on Pac knocking him down a couple of times.


Oh, and SD for May.


I've watched both fights numerous times.

Marquez won both.

He'll win this one too.


So did I.
The deciding factor on the 2nd fight was a knockdown.
Marquez is older and a bit slower now. Those are words from Marquez fans, not me.

Pac will not be drained for this fight, so he will be stronger than the last time they fought. And I'm not saying Pac is a great boxer, but he has a lot more skills than the last time they fought.

Mayweather will also not devastate Pac. May knows Pac can hurt him and he will use his ring generalship to outpoint Pac.


This shit again? No way Pac gets past Marquez this time.
Pac getting by Mayweather? WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

42-0 for a reason.


Pac will beat Marquez pretty easily. Marquez might be moving up 'more scientifically' this time but that doesn't change the fact that he's older and slower and Pac is bigger and faster than the last time they met.

Pacquiao-Mayweather probably will not happen. If it does Mayweather should be favourite. Pacquiao would give him a stern challenge simply because he's the best May has fought.

If talks fall apart over drug testing again, I cease to give Pacman the benefit of the doubt.

EDIT: To an equal extent, if Mayweather uses this to distract people from the Marquez fight and then makes no actual effort to fight Pacquiao, I will cease giving him the benefit of the doubt. And I mean, he better be calling out the Pacman left, right and center.


I am not so sure about this.

I have watched every fight from the last three years from Marquez many times over - Diaz, Katsidis, Diaz again, Casamayor, Mayweather - and I'm not sure how much he's really lost.

Marquez was always a fighter that relied on counterpunching and timing, not outright speed, so even if he did lose a little (which I don't know that he has) I don't know how badly it would affect him.

Whoa - let's get one thing straight - Pac wasn't drained for either fight. He's only 5'6", and he can't even hit the welterweight limit consistently. Those fights were fought by two prime fighters in the weight class they were most comfortable in.

However, that being said, he is bigger and stronger and he is more skilled. But as the saying goes, styles make fights. Marquez is the Ali to Pac's Frazier - he is quick, he hits hard, he thinks his way through fights, and makes adjustments.

Is it possible for him to get KO'd - sure is. I really don't know how this fight will turn out, but given Marquez's age and his propensity for getting knocked down, I'd say it's possible he'd lose.

But Marquez so thoroughly dominated the first fight (after the first round) and his performance in the second tell me that he has all the tools to do it all over again.

It's just how he is that night when he steps in the ring.

Nah. He hasn't fought like that in sometime. He's bigger and faster and more accurate and that fight is going to turn out a lot more one-sided than people think it is.


Pac was drained for the 2nd fight. He had a hard time making that weight. And I agree that Marquez dominated the 1st fight after the 1st round. But Pac is a much better boxer since the 2nd fight. So bigger, stronger, better fighter with the same speed will beat Marquez decisively this time around. Also, none of the fighters you mentioned hit as hard as Pac, even Mayweather.

For the Mayweather fight, I don't see this as a one-sided fight as you do. And I'm a big fan of both. I believe May is faster with his timing than Pac, especially with May's right hand, but not in combinations. Steward and Atlas mentioned that Pac possibly throws the fastest 4 to 5 punch combinations.

May by SD


This I disagree with. I don't see it as possible. That's Freddie Roach "I'm covering my fighter's ass cause he should have lost" conjecture and nothing more.

The rest is opinion. You're entitled to it but I disagree. Like I said, Marquez beat him twice. He'll win this time too.


We'll agree to disagree then.
I still don't think the Pac/May fight will happen though.



Mayweather is a retard. "he moved up in weight he's on steroids! :(( " Except when mayweather gained 20lbs nobody shakes the PED finger at him.

Also what is up with him breaking into tears saying this same shit at the post-ortiz press conference?