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Mayweather/Pacquiao: Who is Better Trained?


It's pretty interesting to me to look at different fighters styles and how they train, it makes one think how much of a fighters style is a result of the fighter and how much is the result of who they trained by.

Check out the difference between maywather http://www.winningmma.com/2011/12/training-of-floyd-mayweather/ on the mitts along with his uncles training method, imo maywather s method is very complicated and not that fast considering how fast Mayweather normally is in matches

Pacquiao on the other hand http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5cxoI9vmDM looks to be a bit more of the typical padwork style, except with pacquiao moving very fast alot of the time

So discussion what are your thoughts of the strengths and weaknesses of each fighters trainers and training method, and how has it shaped them as fighters?


Mayweather is a product of his father's work. His uncle took him on later in life, when Mayweather was already a complete fighter. Or at least good enough to be untouchable. I don't know if the padwork is from the mind of Uncle Roger or is a Mayweather family trait.

I think Pacquiao has developed a lot under Freddie Roach. Roach uses very traditional-style mittwork. Which I think is superior to what Mayweather does. Simply because I haven't seen a fighter who isn't Floyd using it.

I think that Roach is probably overrated as a trainer but still better than Roger. But no doubt the Black Mamba would tell me that I "didn't no shit about boxing" that he would "beat the shit outta you, you bitch-ass white boy" and that he "was better than Leonard, should have beat Pernell and never got the credit he deserved".


I don't think trainers are that versatile, they train many people in their style and those that match well excel at it. That being said it appears to be that Roger and Freddie use Mitts for different purposes. Freddie's style seems to focus on speed and timing, Roger's seems to focus on spacing and technique. Did you look at the 5 other videos? Keep in mind that during training camp Floyd might have 3 sessions a day of several hours and what you were looking at is slowed down for the media(he wasn't sweating). Manny's was primarily just him and Freddie.


I disagree. Mayweather is a product of both them, and he was far from a complete fighter when he was just with his father - he was more offensive minded, but his defense and his ring generalship was nowhere near what it is today. Floyd fights EXACTLY like Roger. Creepily so.

As far as padwork goes, Roach doesn't do anything different than most other trainers I know (or even much different than my own does.) It's pretty simple stuff because boxing, at the surface, is not a complicated sport.

The Mayweather style (Floyd Sr. tends to do the same thing, watch him do pads with Ricky Hatton) is kind of a different animal. There's a lot of patterns in there - it's not just slapping at the pads - and there's a lot of slipping and ducking and blocking, which is often lacking in more traditional padwork. My best guess is that it makes defense and offense blend much more efficiently and eliminates the differences between them.

Roger kind of has an easy job with Floyd. He's said that he doesn't tell him how many rounds to do on a given day, or how much to run, and that Floyd is pretty much the ultimate self-motivator. However, be careful to rob him of credit. Floyd without Roger is not the same fighter, for whatever reason.

And look at the quality guys that Floyd Sr. has trained - there are many - and I've got to believe their style is pretty good. They both were good fighters (Roger was better) and they truly know the game inside and out.

As far as Freddie goes, I can't say honestly that I'm a fan of his but he also knows the game. He's taken several fighters that were good but lacking in key areas and made them into more complete fighters - Pac and Khan come to mind.

I wouldn't say he's overrated. I'd just say he comes off as a doucher. But I've never met him, so I can't say for sure.


Yeah, it turns out that Floyd was a product of both Mayweathers. I read (a time ago) that Floyd did not like working with his father because he demanded perfection. Thereafter I gave his father the bulk of the credit. It fitted in with my "crazy parent creates athletic superstar" view of the world. I still do. But I don't have much proof.

I like the blend of offence and defense in their particular brand of padwork. But there is also a lot of tapping punches and a lack of full extension most of the time. I don't know if this is a good or a bad thing. But until a lot more trainers start adopting it, I'd opt for traditional work every time.

I don't know much about Sr.'s resume. But I know even less about Roger's. Who else has he trained? Roger was a serious boxer, with a good punch, but as a trainer I haven't seen much of him aside from that one gifted relative. Obviously he gets credit for that, Floyd would never stand for a chump, but nothing that would put him next to Roach (in my opinion).

And speaking of Roach, I'm surprised you don't see him as overrated. For a long time (his stock seems to have fallen recently) the boxing press had him as the untouchable greatest trainer on earth. Heck, he still almost received the (public) trainer of the year vote on ringtv despite his star fighters having a relatively poor year. For the record, I am a fan of his, particularly since our own Steve Collins picked him out from the plethora of trainers he worked with, but even for me the adulation would sometimes go too far.


Definetly agree with you, fightingirish, on mayweather changing styles and being more aggressive back in the day, he is a totally different fighter. Look at him vs gatti then vs marquez complete domincance in each performance but of an entirely different type, he looks like 2 different fighters. The ortiz fight was really fun for me as up in till the ko he was showing a bit of both. His crazy defense and his super flurries.


Just heard this morning. Mayweather is fighting Cotto in May and Pacquiao is fighting Timothy Bradley Jr. in June. These two ever gonna fight each other. Any thoughts, predictions, etc?


Mayweather wanted to fight Pacquiao, but Pacquiao's manager didn't want the fight to happen for unknown reasons. In my opinion I think Mayweather would win even tho I'm a huge Pacquiao fan. If the fight happened 3 years ago would have been a different story


I have heard various reasons why this fight isn't happening and I am not sure what to believe. Arum clearly seemed to want Pacquiao to fight someone else, but Floyd was also insisting on a 60-40 split in his favor, which is not really fair. I do not think the outcome of the fight would have been any different 3 years ago, the only thing that has changed is people's opinions after PacMan struggled AGAIN with Marquez.