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Mayweather-Ortiz 24/7


This is episode one, and it was intense as shit.

When Roger Mayweather is breaking up fights, you know some shit just went down.


Episode 2


I am not sure if I am excited for this or not.

Isn't Mayweather supposed to win this easily?


If history is any indicator I would put my money on Mayweather!


Mayweather SHOULD win easily, but he is starting to get older and he hasn't fought in 16 months. On top of that Ortiz is a younger fighter who is naturally bigger and stronger. It is a fight so anything can happen, but I would be shocked if Mayweather loses this one.


Well the videos are helping. Thanks for posting them and reminding me that boxing is more than bickering about fashion Irish.

Also, at the end of the day Mayweather is just so damn much fun to watch. He is a master, and masters are worth watching.

Now, if only he would fight Pac.


Robert A


I agree, Mayweather is so fun to watch. He is a cocky fuck. The guy you love to hate but can't stop watching.

I hope sometime soon he finally decides to fight Pacman.


Sr and Jr had a BLOWOUT

Mayweather is a Master and a funny motherfucker-
I think the scene with him and 50cent talking on the stacks of cash
is kind of funny.

Yes ortiz is younger and easily bigger and stronger
but Mayweather is the superior boxer.

De La hoya seems to think His Boy Ortiz has a very good chance
Im not so sure.


Damn Irish I was just watching the doc yesterday and was going to post about it here today LOL.

But yeah like the previous poster noted I was surprised to hear De La Hoya being that confident in Ortiz. To be honest I was just clicking channels out of boredom and I came up on the documentary for a couple of minutes. I previously heard about the fight and thought nothing of it because I held the sentiment most on here seem to share, that it would just be another easy win for Mayweather. I know nothing about Ortiz (actually nothing about the other players in boxing right now apart from Pac, May and Hopkins) so to hear De La Hoya say Ortiz has a chance has definitely sparked my interest.

What I want to know from those who follow boxing is whether De La Hoya's confidence is actually supported by something or whether it's just hype made for TV and to attempt to inspire Ortiz.


I think DLH is just trying to build Ortiz's confidence. Ortiz comes across to me as a guy who is mentally weak and will ultimately cave to the pressure of such a big fight.


Keep in mind that once you become a promoter, all of your integrity and honesty goes out the window completely.

DLH knows who pays his bills - his fighters. Mayweather always cooperates with him, but he's gettin old and doesn't have too many fights left in him... now if Ortiz wins, who you think has the upper hand in keeping Ortiz for his whole career if he wants? Oscar.

If Ortiz loses, he casts him aside like any other fighter. Or maybe keeps him if its a great fight, and he makes millions upon millions off the rematch or Victor's next fight. And if he gets killed, well, Oscar's still got Floyd, as always.

Remember fuckers - this is BUSINESS! First and foremost, it's business, about makin paper and nothing else.

DLH is a smart fuck. That's why he's on top of the game right now, and little shit like this will make sure he stays there.

But yea, he was blowing smoke up Victor's ass. He's gonna get schooled in a bad way against Floyd, even though with his power he does have the proverbial punchers chance.

This is a tuneup for Pacquiao. Nothing more. Watch....

(But I still can't wait for the fight, cause I love Floyd)


I am thinking my ideal for this fight is for Mayweather to look off, maybe even bad. If that happens maybe Floyd's ego will bruise enough, and Manny will be willing enough to make the fight. Failing that I will be saying the same damn think when Pac fights Marquez. If Pac looks bad enough Floyd might put his record on the line.

I am getting tired of these two fighting everyone else while they each wait for the other to wake up old and beatable.


Robert A


Latest news is that Floyd wants Pac-Man to undergo the drug test they use on Olympic athletes. I don't know the steroid culture in boxing but I don't see why Pac-Man wouldn't cooperate eventually. I guess Floyd feels most of the pressure is on him, he's got the perfect record at stake and the reputation of his entire career. If he loses the fight between them they'll just say he was over-rated; his perfect record derived from fighting inferior competitors. As much as he wants to preserve that record I still attest Floyd will come around with all the potential money the fight will draw. I also think even though he's known as a cocky dude he still has some sort of level of competitive spirit that will drive him to fight Pac-Man. His cockiness will probably make the fight happen - he wants to be known as the best.


I've got to disagree hard with this. If he lost the fight, it might damage him only slightly, because inevitably there'd be a rematch.

Keep in mind that the people that say Floyd didn't fight anybody DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT BOXING.

This dude fought real fighter when he was at his true weight- people forget that lightweight was by far his best weight - and he fought Emanuel Augustus, a prime Jose Luis Castillo twice, he made Diego Corrales, who was the undisputed champ, look like a fool, he destroyed Zab Judah when he was the welterweight champ, he beat down Chop Chop Corley, he made Gatti look like a chump, and no matter what fagass De La Hoya says, he beat him soundly while he was in his prime, AND at 154 lbs.

That's beside knocking out Ricky Hatton, who was undefeated and by far the best challenger at the time, absolutely dominating JMM in a way that no one ever has (although he was way out of his weight), and absolutely whipping Shane Mosley.

C'mon. We're talking about Floyd fucking Mayweather. Win or lose to Pac, the dude is no chump, and when he was in his prime - he's definitely NOT anymore - he was more or less unbeatable.

If he loses to Manny Pacquaio, you can bet a rematch will be signed before the twelfth round's bell rings.

One thing about Floyd that nobody like to admit, but that Brother Nazim nailed, is that if you step on that dragon's tail, he starts spittin' fire. You hit him hard, he's going to come back and humiliate you.

You beat him in a fight, the first fight he's ever lost... let me tell you something, I can't imagine the fury that he would muster in training and in fighting to beat your ass because of it.

I've watched Floyd a long time, and he gets up for every fight, even the ones that it would be easy to get trapped by. Him coming back from a loss is actually EXACTLY the Floyd Mayweather I want to see - I don't know if any fighter could match the intensity he would bring to bear as a result of losing that 0.


Quoted for truth!


yeah i got the mayweather career dvd and his fights at lightweight were basically just dominating people and knocking guys out early which he doesnt do much anymore. definetly a scary guy at lightweight.


By the way, anyone who thinks that Floyd ain't gonna look sharp for this fight - even Uncle Rog can't land a shot on him.


My boy PBF by UD! Easily.


The more I think about this fight the more I see Victor Ortiz accepting a one-sided beatdown.

Yes, he's a southpaw and yes, he has power, but his ring IQ is about 100 points below Mayweather's.

I honestly do not think he is smart enough to win this fight. I do not think he is smart enough to acquit himself well in this fight. The whole "Face-Off" thing did little more than convince me that Ortiz has no idea what he's getting into. By round 8 Mayweather is going to have his every move down pat. It's going to get very ugly.

Then, there is the Mayweather factor.

When Mayweather fought Mosley, Sugar Shane was king of the world. He was coming of a sensational knockout victory over Margarito that propelled him back to the peak to the welterweight rankings. However, not only was Margarito saddled with a a pair of fair-and-square handwraps and the perfect fit for Mosley's style, he also had to deal with the knowledge that he would shortly be suspended from the sport, perhaps forever.

We all know what happened next. One dodgy round and Floyd spent the rest of the night looking fantastic. Afterwards there were question about whether the Margarito win was flattering to Mosley, whether Mosley was still the top drawer fighter of days past. These questions were rightly dismissed by Floyd's fans. If they weren't being raised before the fight, why were they coming up now?

However, all of these questions look a lot more serious in light of Mosley's next two fights - a pedantic draw against Serio Mora and an embarrassing one-sided loss to Manny Pacquiao.

So this is what bothers me. What has Mayweather seen that I have not? He said that after the Ortiz-Berto fight he was so excited that he stayed up all night shadowboxing. What was he so excited about? My guess is that it is a certain fighter who is on top of the world and that is going to make him look sensational. This is not a new Victor Ortiz. This is the same kid who fought to a draw with Lamont Peterson and suffered a humiliating loss to Marcos Maidana. He is going to fight like that same Victor Ortiz and he is going to get stuffed.


I think it will be entertaining in the regard that Floyd will probably not knock Ortiz down, which means there will be some good fiery rounds.