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Mayweather - Berto


just lol

Completely not surprised at the lack of hype surrounding this, it looks like fatigue has finally set in and everyone from the fans to the writers are just ready for Floyd to call it quits and make way for the new guard.

Floyd could still put on a dominating performance and end his career with a bang rather than a fizzle, but given he wasn't so inclined for the biggest fight of his career, I very much doubt he's going to do it for the last fight of his career, even against an opponent he clearly outmatches on paper.

Ah who knows, it could work out good, very few people expected Cotto to bloody Floyd and he did and we got a fairly good fight out of it. But I'm definitely not spending any money to see it, not even at a bar.

EDIT: just saw the all access episode, Berto is training with Virgil Hunter and it looks like Hunter is training him to look just like Andre Ward. I don't think it makes a difference in the outcome of the fighter however, but it was interesting.


well, ive got through box nation in the uk so ive already paid for it. ill watch, but its a joke of a fight. lets call it how it is. no case can be made for berto.

I give Floyd credit at times and get called a flomo (not here tbf) and then criticise and get called a hater.

hes a great, great boxer. hell go down as an atg (top 20/30 imo) - largely due to his 18 year longevity and the fact in a 49 fight career his closest fight was a dominant 8 rounds to 4 win. (bar Castillo 1 where I can buy into the concept he was injured).

he deserves a lot of credit. but this, coupled with pac victory really summarise his career.

he did just enough to win. and I have huge admiration for him. but he did cherry pick at times. mosley and pac fights for instance took too long to make.

i agree people are happy to see the back of him.

having said that, people gotta be happy that a boxers getting out on top, no serious injuries and he earned the money and gives back to young fighters.


Utterly disinterested.

The next announcement from Floyd I’ll care about is the one where he says, “I retire.”