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Mayweather a Punk


I didn't watch the fight but I watched the "knockout".


I don't care what happened prior (head butt?). The dude was apologizing and in that situation, boxers usually ALWAYS touch gloves again before engaging. Floyd took advantage and did a bitch move.

In before some amateur boxing analyst cum Mayweather apologist comes along as says "protect yourself at all times".

This was NOT a "protect yourself at all times" situation, although TECHNICALLY, in the ring, you always do.

STILL A BITCH MOVE. No longer a fan of Mayweather. Love his talent, BUT HE HAS NO CHARACTER. I'll now root for PAC if his bitch ass ever decides to man-up and fight him instead of worrying about going out undefeated.


While it was not a gentleman's move it was not a surprise. The fight did not end well for me as a boxing fan. I wanted to see a in ring battle. But no matter how much you may not want to hear it hahaha YEAH
" Protect Yourself at all times".
The only person that I felt bad for after that fight was me be wise I wanted more.
Mayweather is on his way out Maybe MAYBE 3 more fights before he hangs it up and I don't see Manny taking him out.


Yeah, I don't like Mayweather at all.

Don't bother telling that to people in Michigan, though. Dude is a down-home gem around these parts.


Why am I not surprised by this, at all?

You watch any of that HBO show? I would expect this guy to have shanked dude in the ribs prior.


Watch fast it Wont stay up long:


What a bitch... wow




He was undoubtedly pissed off but should have shown professional restraint.


Mayweather is a total punk and pulled a bitch move for sure. The referee had already started the fight back up but was still looking at the judges table and not at all ready for to start refereeing the fight? That's a total bullshit made up line by boxing officials to help mayweather out IMO. The referee didn't even see what happened!

I haven't ever paid for a Mayweather fight and I never will. He will never get any of my money. The guy is a total piece of scum with no class an no respect (look at the way he talks to his father in front of TV cameras)


Like I've told others...he has TALENT in spades. Ooodles of talent. But he has NO CHARACTER and mark my words, if he is ever in a career defining battle, he will fold. Fold up.

And to the "protect yourself at all times" apologists, you're pleading a technicality and forgetting that boxing has "customs" of conduct too. There was an apology and hence a "break"...we don't hit guys that aren't acknowledging they are ready.

He tarnished his win, further tarnished his already suffering image and cemented his status as a man lacking in character. And the whole Larry Merchant tirade was the icing on the cake.


What made up rule are you talking about?

Either way it's not the Boxers job to look at the ref. It's his job to pay attention to the fighter in front of him.

Money- May does wear the uniform of a "Dick" with great comfort an pride.


And look at the idiot sycophants he surrounds himself with. If it weren't for him and his "economy" they'd be somewhere shooting dice.



You're defending him on technicality and ignoring custom. Already, the boxing world itself is calling it a "sucker punch", "cowardly", etc. It is what it is. Not protecting yourself in the clinch until the ref cleanly breaks the action is one thing...cold cocking the dude after he just gave you an apology and obviously wasn't ready is NOT within the spirit of "protect yourself at all times".


6 of one, half a dozen of another. Ortiz threw his head into Mayweather's teeth. After, they touched gloves, Mayweather wants to fight, Ortiz wants a cuddle. They touched gloves and it was game on in Mayweather's head, but not Ortiz's.

I can't stand Floyd, despite his talent, but I think he was well within his rights to smack Ortiz in the teeth. Not classy, and not necessary, but that is Floyd all over. No doubt in my mind that Ortiz quit though. He took that as a way out. Floyd, for all his ability, does not have one punch knockout power at that weight. especially not with arm punches, which is what he seems to hit Ortiz with. The first punch didn't even bother Ortiz, who just looked over to the ref. The second was enough to legitimately drop him, but I've never met a fighter, amateur or pro, who would let that shit slide as easily as Ortiz. Especially when it was the end of the round, and all he had to do was get up and go to his corner. Really think he saw a way out of an inevitable beating and took it.


Just saw it and it seems pretty obvious the ref screwed everything up. I have to disagree with you four60. If a fight has stopped why wouldn't you be looking at the ref to restart it? It's obvious by the way Ortiz didn't even begin to defend himself after the hug, and the way the ref was communicating with the judges table that Ortiz was waiting for a restart. I mean the clock didn't even restart on the screen and it had been about 4-5 seconds since the ref said "Let's go," and made that hand gesture. Ortiz wasn't the only one that was waiting for the fight to be restarted.

The ref failed.


I posted this in the combat thread about this fight, and I'll post it here too.

The people who said Floyd did something wrong DONT KNOW SHIT ABOUT BOXING.

I was at a bar that had a whole lotta hood types in it last night, and after the fight I was hanging outside with one of the bouncers, a huge black man with long dreadlocks who kinda reminded me of Lennox Lewis.

His first thought on this fight?

"Floyd's street cred just went through the roof with that...that was some real shit."

And he's fucking right.

Let's get one thing straight - boxing is no gentleman's game. It attracts the roughest, shadiest characters around, and the kind of guys willing to get up in the ring and do this for a living are guys that are, for the most part, street as hell.

You do a flying fucking headbutt into someone during a boxing match, a move that not only could knock someone out (the way Ortiz did it) but could cause a MASSIVE cut that could stop the fight, and you fucking well better be prepared to get fouled right back.

I've never seen anger flash across Floyd's face like I did when he hit Ortiz after that, and rightly so.

This kid comes in, having fought a couple good fighters, saying he's gonna whip you, and then he pulls a move like that? C'mon.

Was it kind of a dirty trick? Yea, I guess. But really, IT'S A FUCKING FIGHT. You want to kiss, do it after the fucking fight. You wanna complain to the ref, do it after the fucking fight. Arturo Gatti talked to the ref during their fight - Floyd hit him. Shane Mosley talked to the ref during their fight - Floyd hit him. Ortiz did the same shit, he just didn't have the chin to take it.

Seriously, you get up in that ring, and the one thing they tell FROM THE START - Protect yourself at all times - especially after you just landed a huge ass cheap shot.

Seriously, fuck Ortiz.

And very honestly, the way that fight was going, Floyd was going to knock him out. Ortiz had some good flurries, but in all reality, Floyd was really starting to beat up on him with that lead right hand, and that left hook was beginning to follow it.

Fight woulda' been over by the ninth anyway.

And, yes, Fuck Larry Merchant. I can't stand him either, HBO should have fired that old drunk 20 years ago.



How many of you guys actually watched the entire fight? Ortiz tried to headbutt Floyd multiple times over the fight. He was warned several times for it, and still continued to try it. Throwing cheap shots that could win the fight on a medical DQ like that deserves a response in kind. Floyd kept himself in check for most of the fight, but lost it when this guy who was throwing cheap shots all night tried to act like there were best buddies now. Fuck that shit, Ortiz deserved what he got. You can't expect to drop bullshit cheap shots on a guy all night and expect him to just shrug it off.

And besides, Ortiz was getting his ass beat and was going out by the 10th round.



You headbutt me like that repeatedly in a boxing match, then do a flying fuck spear into my face, you're lucky if knocking you out is all I'm going to do.

But no, you wanna hug it out.

Seriously, fuck Ortiz.