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I looked at the nutritional profile of my mayonnaise and it had only 1.5g of saturated fat and the rest was unsaturated. I looked on the ingredient list and none of the oil was hydrogenated. So would mayonnaise mixed with two cans of tuna be a good protein fat meal for massive eating?

I really appreciate all the posts guys. Maybe i need to be grammatically incorrect and not use punctuation so you guys will answer my questions.

haha… i jujst saw it sorry… thats exactly what i do! i only use one can of tuna plus some cottage cheese on the side… but ya definitly it should work

I have used mayo and tuna on a ketogenic diet. My only concern was it has oil from soybean. I don’t know if it is possible to have any estrogenic effects?

Try throwing in some salsa with the mayo. Yummy!

I also just saw this post Goldberg. I honestly haven’t eaten mayonaise(besides fat fre) in years. I think your best bet would be fat free w/tuna and some flax. That being said, if you are pressed fortime and $, I think if you use it massiveeating style without carbs…it might not be too bad,Mike

Canola oil mayonnaise (a source of monounsaturated fats) would be good to use. Apparently some taste OK and some not. Sorry I do not know which are which.

i actually use lighjt… just for the hell of it

You could just get tuna packed in oil. It tastes good and the fat is mostly unsaturated. I eat a ton of that stuff.

I use 1 TBSN/can. Try putting some hot peppers (pepperoncini or cherry peppers) on 'em (or eat them along with the tuna). I keep reading hot peppers aid in fat burning. You’ll definitely “feel the burn…”

Kraft (I think) makes a product called “Mayoli” which is mayo made with olive oil.