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Mayo or Miracle Whip?

Mayo or Miracle Whip
  • Mayo
  • Miracle Whip

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Clearly my workplace boredom is showing, but I’m posting this in off topic because my question isn’t about which is the most nutritionally sound but, instead, which do you prefer?

I’ve been around long enough to see Mayo and Miracle Whip switch sides, where first Mayo was killing us all by clogging our arteries while Miracle Whip was the godsend condiment here to keep us all healthy and happy to it being that Miracle Whip was a science experiment full of chemicals while Mayo was just good old fashioned eggs and oil like mom and nature intended. It’s been fun, but through it all, I’ve always been more partial to Miracle Whip.

Don’t overcomplicate this by introducing your sriracha mayos and reduced fat miracle whips: I’m talking just standard, baseline, pure label mayo and miracle whip.

Which of you will choose right on this?

Introducing bias into a poll?

I will not be swayed.

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I introduced it at the start by having a clearly superior condiment running against…mayo.

I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you…

I’ll lock this thread with mayo in the lead if I have to.


What good is having power if it’s not abused?


That will only prove that mayo needs all the help it can get to win!

Random question: is the “affair” between Edgy and theBeth over due to mayo vs. miracle whip? Stay tuned…

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Both on different things.

Tomatoe Sammy, miracle whip, my moms potatoe salad, miracle whip, most everything else I’m ok with real Mayo.

Dad was raised in the south as a barbarian, mom is from a farm in Illinois. So I had a little bit of both growing up.

I’m honestly surprised, hearing this, that your answer isn’t actually butter. That’s typically what I run into as a sandwich spread when talking these regions.

And then you can go butter vs margarine for sandwich spread and have a whole new debate.

And country crock containers make the best tupperwear.

Butter?? Ew. I mean if I’m making a toasted Sammy sure, but as a spread? Never heard of it at all.

Those tubs and cool whip tubs do make great containers lol

I honestly don’t think any sane person thinks Miracle Whip is better in any way, they can only acknowledge that it’s what they grew up with, and that’s why they like it. Mayo is superior in literally every single way.


Can confirm.

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I grew up eating Miracle Whip but years ago made the switch to Hellmann’s. Now I only buy Dukes.

My dad always used to tell stories of put bacon grease on a sandwich… :smirk:

Meh…any salty white goop in a meat sandwich tastes the same with only nuanced differences.

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Going back to previously referenced crazy upbringing, it took me a while to learn people put things other than margarine on sandwiches, at which point I was now at an impasse of choosing between mayo or miracle whip.

You think margarine is your ally. You merely adopted the margarine. I was born in it, molded by it. By the time I say mayo, I was already a man, and I found it nothing but blinding!

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based on the current results, it appears that 75% of respondents aren’t choosing right

I am very much used to doing things that 75% of people don’t do.

Again - country crock isn’t bad, but it’s by and large revered by people who had it as children. Outside of a chunk of the United States, butter is universally used as a spread by everyone else, and as someone who grew up with both options, butter is 10000000x better.