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Now I've seen various pictures and read some articles that Maynard travels to Brazil to study Jiu-Jitsu under the Gracies, but here is a great clip of him performing a nice judo takedown to a rear naked choke while performing "Push It" at a Tool concert.




What the hell? Is there a story behind this, or just another of Maynard's homsexual rape fantasies?


Wow WTF? lol.


Boy, he's awfully friendly.


I'd love to see what Rollins would do to anyone dumb enough to run on stage with him. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't cuddle with them while he finished the song.


Crazy. I just googled him and saw some pictures of him training with the Gracies, so I guess it could have been unplanned.


I'm guessing the fan just jumped up on stage. Maynard being 1. the weirdo he is and 2. the skilled grappler he is decided it would be cool to sing while submitting the guy in a rear naked choke. Hell out of all the concerts he's ever put on, I bet they all kind of merge in to one big memory, except for "that one time I put a guy in a RNC during Push-It."


I bet that guy was all stoked. "I got choked out by maynard bro!" I would've kicked him in the balls when he finally let me go. I don't care how bad ass he is, that's worthy of a kick to the nuts.


Are you kidding me? I would have buried my head in the sand if I was that guy. Let's see, he got choked out by a 5'6, 140 pound guy. While the guy was singing. And he continued to sing while he was being choked. In front of 10,000+ people. On tv. All over the internet. Basically he got called bitch in about 10 different languages.


If you listen to some of his spoken word stuff, he makes it seem that almost every concert (in Black Flag) he was getting punched and spat on.


I don't care if he was being shot at... Rollins , from everything I've seen and heard is a legitemately tough cat.


wow...I've been to one Tool concert in my life and that was one of the best concerts I've been to. Now, seeing Maynard choke a guy out while not missing a note, that's pretty damn cool.


rollins is the real deal. don't know how many of you were into hardcore punk back in the day but rollins was no joke...look up some old black flag vids on youtube.com. completely confrontational, no holds barred in the physical sense as well as the lyrical. i just saw maynard at coachella..he mentioned something about how he wants a big gold ring with a gold nugget on top of it that looks like popcorn - this way when he punches you in the head for taking his picture you're face will look like a crater..or something to that effect. great show.