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Maym's Log


I am hoping to compete in powerlifting this fall. My last competition raw bench was in April (165 pounds) and my deadlift at a contest in May was 255. My PR for squat is 205 but I haven't done a competitive squat for 2 years. I hope to do figure or bodybuilding shows this spring. I started my log in the powerful women area, but it was suggested that I continue it in the log section so...

am - 6 mile walk with 42lb wt vest on
pm -
bench technique practice 45X5, 65X5, 85X5, 105X5, 125X5, 145X3, 155X1 - no rest, just putting on plates inbetween and "resetting" position
pull up 12, 8, 6, 6
neutral grip pullup 8, 6, 6
chins 6, 6, 5, 5
practice squat form in between pull up series sets ( 95X5 12 sets)
incline DB press 50X10, 7, 6, 6, 6
cybex standing T-bar row 80X10, 8, 8, 8, 8
flat DB bench 60X4, 4, 4, 4, 3
DB row 60X6, 6, 6, 6, 5
DB fly 35X10
DB pullover 45X10



I'm kind of curious how you do (or will) balance doing PL meets and contest prep throughout the year. I'll be checking in on ya.


Thanks buckeye girl for checking in.

Today Thursday

AM - 6 mile walk with 42lb vest on
Romanian Deads 135X5, 225X5, 235X5,5,5,5
seated calf in between deads 60X8,8,8,8,10 75X6,7,6,6
Deadlift 235X5,5,4,3,3
Sumo deads 175X8,8,6,6,8
straight leg calf press 100X8,7,8,8,6,6,6,6
Straight leg Deads 175X5,5,5,5,5
Back Squat 45X5, 65X5, 85X5, 105X5, 125X5, 145X5, 165X2 (form started to breakdown so I stopped, not wanting to risk injury)
Front Squat 100X3, 95X4,4,3,3


Your numbers are impressive, and you look great. I will be stalking you now. :slight_smile:



And your not even logging all of your non-gym cardio from chasing around the world's deadliest 4 and 1/2 year old.

Keep up the hard work babe.



My name is Melanie as well...I guess it was fate that we would connect. You are in the military? What are your workouts like?


[quote]MikeMMay wrote:
And your not even logging all of your non-gym cardio from chasing around the world's deadliest 4 and 1/2 year old.

Keep up the hard work babe.

The cortisol release cancels out the cardio factor.


MY F'N ERECTORS HURT!!...but I did this workout first thing in the morning anyway because i had to...
practice squat technique...just the bar, multiple sets
Bench Technique (working on my "arch" vs. what I'm accustomed to, flat back...I'm weaker with the arch since I haven't perfected it yet)
BB Bench 45X5, 65X5, 85X5, 105X5, 125X5, 145X3, 2,2
Pull ups wide grip 45X3/BWx5, 45X3/BWX5, 45X1/35X2/BWX5, 35X3/BWX5, 35X2/BWX4
Pull ups nuetral grip BWX10, 8, 8, 8, 8
Chins 6,6,6
Incline DB bench press 55X5,5,5,5,4,3
Standing row on the cybex T-bar 90X3/80X3, 80X8, 8
flat DB bench press 60X4, 4,4,4,3
shoulder retraction on the standing T-bar row neutral grip 50X12, shoulder width grip 50X10, wide 50X10
DB row 60X6,6,6,6,6
fly 35X10,8,8
cable pullover 4X12,11,10
small bosu crunches 20, 4kg medicine ballX15,20


Hey you snuck over here and started a log..very cool!!

I'll be following if you don't mind :slight_smile:


Of course I don't mind. Thanks for joining me!


Saturday's Workout
woke up late and crunchy...did workout fasted

Back Squat 45X5, 65X5, 85X5, 105X5, 125X5, 145X5

Back Box Squat (dead stop) 145X5,5,5,5,5

Front Squat 100X6,5,5,5,5,5

Straight leg deadlift 185X5,5,5,5,5

Calves on the hack squat machine 180X6,6,6,6,6,6

Leg Press 180X12, 270X6,6,6,6,6,6 calves 180X12, 270X8,8,8,8,8

Leg Extension 70X15 for flush

Seated Leg Curl 70X15 for flush


Egads. You move some serious weight. Looking forward to following your training for a powerlifting meet. Do you have one picked out?


There is a 100% Raw meet in November and an AAU meet in October. I have never done strict curl, but I don't think either meet has strict curl.



bench technique 45X5, 65X5, 85X5, 105X5, 125X5, 135X5,5,5,5,5
BB Over Head Press 45X5, 65X5, 85X3, 65X5,5,5,5 these for speed
Halo as active rest 25lb plate X12,12,12,12,12 (each direction)
DB Seated Press 35X5,5,5,5,5
Concentration Curl 35X8,8,6,6,6
Lateral Raise 25X5,5,5,5,5
Bicep EX Curl bar plus 40lbsX6,7,5,5,5,
Seated Reverse Fly 15X8,8,10,8,7
DB Tricep seated single arm extension 25X8,8,7,6,6
Wide neutral grip iso hold shoulder retraction on the lat pulldown (on knees) 70X12, 85X10,8,8,8
Cable Tricep Rope 40X8/30X4, 40X8,8,8, 30X8

giant set
Reverse fly machine 100X8,7,6
Lateral raise Machine 40X8,6,6

face pulls 17.5X12,12,12


Forgot..Monday I also taught yoga for an hour.

Tuesday 8/16
This is my cardio? day
taught 1.25 hr group strength training class
taught 1 hr yoga class


Your workouts tire me out just reading them. I always start off thinking that they look pretty cool, and that I might be able to hang with you...and then I get about 3 exercises in and realize that there is no way. I'm such a fat powerlifter. :slight_smile:


^ like

Is the volume from your 'body building days.' Do you always train that way even for a PL meet? Or will some of it drop when you get closer?


You fat?!! I doubt it. Right now, I'm not the leanest (eat big to lift big). I'm going to start looking at my diet a little more in once September hits. I don't know if I want to compete at 123 or 132.


I won't do as much volume as the meet gets closer. The first of the two meets is October 15.


Wednesday 8/17

AM - 6 mile 42lb vest walk

Worked on squat form with just 95lbs on the bar for a while; working on sitting in the hole and quick up
Bench technique - again speed; descended with elbows by my sides, paused at chest then quick up with flared elbows 45X5, 95X5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5
Pullups Wide Grip 13,9,6,6,5
Chins 8,8,6,6,6
Pullups Nuetral close grip 7,6,6,6,6
Incline DB Bench Press (start/end at arm pit) 55X6,5,5,4,3
Standing Cybex T-bar row 85X5, 80X8,8, iso holds 70X6,6
Flat DB bench press (start/end at arm pit) 60X5,4,4,3,4
Floor DB press (arch back and push yoke to floor) 45X10,8,7,7,7
Standing Cybex T-bar shoulder retraction iso holds 70X7 (narrow grip), 8 (shoulder width grip)
DB Fly 35X8,8,8,8,6
Cable Pullover 4X12,12