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Mayhem Miller


Heckuva fighter, helluva showman:


just clicked on this thread to see your avatar


He's good but I wouldn't go and start a thread on him.


Haha what a sweet entrance.


He seems like a tool and utter douchebag.


Even more so with the MTV Bully Beatdown crap...he's annoying as fuck.

He needs to stop the teenage shenanigans and concentrate on not illegally kicking down opponents(Jacare). It's not everyday that he gets a legit opponent...haha.


He talked about the bully beatdown acting on the Jason Ellis Show. He said MTV told him to act like that on purpose to get the kids excited about the fights. But yeah he does have that tool attitude. He actually has a bunch of fan boys now sportin the mohawk thing he's got lol.


Biggest D bag ever, one of the few times I was happy GSP kicked some ass.


+1. I've heard him on the jason Ellis show and it's obvious he's not just a douche for show. He's really just a douche.




I will agree with most here that he is more than a bit annoying. Too bad, becuase I do believe he is a solid mid tier fighters. It's tough to tell how good he really is when it always looks like he is clowning.

Looks like he is getting a shot at the Strikeforce MW title against Shields. Should be a good test.


Typically a person that acts like Mayhem does would fray my patience quickly, but for some reason I find myself laughing more often than not. And to be honest, I enjoying reading his writing.

I do think that he will be beaten by Shields, though. (Likely being caught in some submission or another).