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Mayhem Miller Back to the UFC?



"When UFC president Dana White was asked at yesterdayâ??s fan Q&A in Canada whether he would be interested in picking up the host of MTVâ??s â??Bully Beatdownâ?? show he appeared open to the idea."

Mayhem has only one fight left on his contract with Strikeforce. I'd love to see him back in the UFC. Regardless of his antics (I'm not saying anything good or bad about them) I believe he is one of the more exciting 185'ers out there.


to be perfectly honest, mayhem doesnt need the ufc and the ufc doesnt need him. this is a pretty drastic change in my stance from about 5 or 6 years ago when i was saying they needed to bring him back after his loss to GSP.

he would be hard pressed to find wins against the 185 pounders with decent takedown defense who like to stand and bang (like mark munoz, marquardt, belcher, etc.) and potentially stalled out against the cage by wrestlers with good sub defense. he might pick up some good wins along the way, but he wouldnt contend for a title. fun to watch yes, but worth the money he makes outside the ufc at the moment? probably not.

i think he's one of the few fighters whose personal interest (making dollar bills yo) is best served by staying outside the UFC.


Mayhem makes does a pretty good job of making money off his image. I think the UFC likes to have more control over that kind of thing.


He can say goodbye to Bully Beatdown if he signs with the UFC. They look down on fighters making money outside the UFC. When you have a virtual monopoly as the UFC does you can write just about any rule you like.

And I quote Frank Shamrock; "The UFC stands for U Fight Cheap.


Dana lets some of his fighters work outside of the UFC. Couture, Baroni, Jardine etc...have all done work on the silver screen. Chuck appeared on a couple episodes of Entourage. I think he sees it as positive exposure for the fighters, which gives them a much better draw to their fights.

Miller does a better job at marketing himself than most other fighters do. If strikeforce doesnt offer him Jacare he should get the fuck out and go BACK to the UFC. We easily forget he is already a UFC & WEC vet.


perhaps. UFC obv has more competition, but mayhem can fight. no reason why he couldnt hang in the ufc ww div. in my eyes he can beat jake shields. mind u he trains with that beast, King Mo.
mayhem in the ufc will actually lighten shit up


thats cuz hes mad dana didnt pay him, specifically. i really dont hear any complaints about payday from ufc fighters. last one being tito and couture... which was what seems like forever ago.


are you trying to be ironic by picking a welterweight that mayhem has already fought and lost to?


and a major reason why mayhem couldnt hang in the welterweight division? he's pretty fricking heavy....he's easily 210...goodluck making 170 again


He ain't ever fighting at 170 again. If he could make it he would be fighting Nick Diaz Jan 28th


more like 195
rumble cuts from around 200 also.
but you're right,middleweight might be better for him


Mayhem said a few weeks ago he weighs 210


He absolutley weights 200+.


what a fat ass


Not really. Most fighters cut atleast 15-30 pounds before a fight. Losing 10 pounds the day of weigh-in isnt that un-heard of.

He would go to the UFC because Diaz is ducking him. I say "dont be scared homie."