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Mayhem Fest 2011


2011 Mayhem Fest, anyone here going??? Ill be going to the one in Camden, NJ, July 31...This years line up looks pretty solid, Disturbed, Godsmack, Megadeth, Trivium, Machine Head, In Flames, and 7 other bands, heres the link... http://rockstarmayhemfest.com/..im pumped to see Trvium and Machine Head, they are definitly 2 of my top 5 gym bands all time, their music is just out of this world...

last years lineup was Korn, Lamb of God, Rob Zombie, and Five Finger Death Punch...in case anyone was wondering...


Not sure who's coming/when the tour is coming here, but I went last a couple of years ago and saw Machine Head, they're awesome live!


i'll go if i can tag along and tell ppl i'm your little brother


haha we probably could pass as brothers if thats you in your pic, but id have to be the little brother at only 180lbs haha


Is this the Maryland Deathfest?
(I'm just here to ask dumb questions)


dammit hallow


Ah yes, CLEARLY NJ is NOT Maryland. CLEARLY.
I have the dumb.
I blame the diet.


it's alright, you're hot.

i expect the flaming to be kept to a minimum




I'll be in Tinley Park August 5th, Jamey Jasta is doing double duty, Kingdom of Sorrow and Hatebreed, should be great. I'm glad I won't have to see Korn again, they were terrible last year.


Of those bands I really only like Machinehead.

I have seen all shall perish before a few times and they are ok.

If this was local I would probably not go.


I might go check it out here in MI. Kingdom of Sorrow and Machine Head are worth 20 min drive.
Looking forward to Slayer/Rob Zombie in July too.


Are you going to the Deathfest this year?


Not this year. I went on 70000tonsofmetal in january, sticking close to home for the rest of the year.


I'm pissed about the headliners, but I always am with this show. Godsmack and Disturbed fucking suck. Oh well, it just means I get to leave early this year.


Gotta agree...i saw Disturbed a few months ago and they just have the most boring stage presence every, they bore the shit out of me....Godsmack is good, but the bands leading up to them is what ill be there for....Machine Head and Trivium are the shit!!


Yea that should be sickkk..last year the singer from Lamb of God sang with Hatebreed for I Will Be Heard, it was awesome


I will go to see Megadeath, KOS....and thats about it.


Shit I'm jealous. Didn't make it to Fintroll & Co show in Detroit, who knows when they'll come back here again.


Fintroll plays here alot... have seen them at least ten times.
The good news for you is they absolutely suck live. I mean, they are hella fun but sound like shit LOL.