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Maybe you can help (I Hope!!)

Hmmm… where to begin…I guess I will give you a little back ground…then I will get to the heart of the matter.
I am in my late twenties. A few(6) years ago I lifted every chance I got. I had ample time since at the time I was single. I never considered my self to be “buff”, but I was very pleased w/ my results and to be honest I enjoyed the attention from the females at the time. I lifted w/ out taking anything (pills, powders, ect…) I did however smoke cannabis at the time, which I felt helped (believe it or not). Anyway, years have passed since my glory days. I am now married and have a child on the way. I have not (seriously) lifted since my “glory days” and I have found some UN-desirable changes in my body. I now have a skinny body, w/ a gut, and breasts. To be honest I have the figure of a Mr. Potato Head toy. My labido has taken a drastic dive into a downward spiral of shrinkage and limpness. Oh, how I miss the days of being “strong like bull”. I have tried everything from muira puma, avena sativa, to “androbolic”, and viagra. I have had no luck w/ these. So, I turn to you good people for help and advice. I have talked to a doctor about my problems and w/ out blinking the words viagra flowed off of his tongue. I asked for other options and to be recomended to a specialist, but he blew it off and scribbled out a prescription. I told him that I was young and wanted to have sex whenever I wanted w/ out taking some pill. He spewed out that viagra has had great results and walked out of the room to swoop down on his next victim. I tried the pills and the only thing that I noticed was my eyes felt twitchy and mr. wiggly was still hanging his shrivled little head shamefully south. The only swelling I was going to see was maybe a tear from my little friends one eye.
I am pleading w/ you to help me. I want to get my labido and body back. What I need from you is what to take, where to get it, and maybe some advice. As long as the advice does not have to do w/ a chair and a noose or a cliff and me testing the theory of gravity.
I would like to be pointed in the right direction. I do not see myself (ever) taking a trip to mexico… so, I need to know where to get what I need. Since my doctor is no help I do not see him prescibing me anything that I need. I have also looked into over seas orders, but they all look like scams. I NEED YOUR HELP!!! PLEASE!!!

Some percentage of men that have erectile
difficulty have it because of, or substantially
because of, effects from alpha receptor
activity. These men benefit from yohimbine and
can find it to be a wonder compound. It does
NOT increase libido – amount of sexual desire
and interest – but IF this is the biochemical
problem causing inadequate blood flow,
yohimbine is effective. For those men not
having this particular cause for their problem,
yohimbine is useless.

Viagra is useful only in increasing the quality of the erection that would have been
had anyway. If no erection anyway, then no
effect from Viagra.

If testosterone levels are low, which sounds
possible, testosterone can work wonders. Or
Winstrol, or Androsol, or some other androgens
though those seem the best. If however testosterone level is fine, then using yet more androgen may not help.

If the problem is that the arteries are blocked
or there are other circulatory system problems, no drug or supplement will help. And not that I’m implying it’s so in your case, but if the
problem is psychological, no drug will help
more than a placebo does.

There may be other things that could work,
like, fairly high dose GHB 4 hours before
intended use – if it’s not a problem being
stoned during that period – but I am not
expert on these tricks and they are dubious
anyway, more the sort of things that give
an edge when things are already working, not
methods that raise the dead.

I definitely wish you good luck in this.

serious, first of all you need to seek out a second opinion. I would go see an endocrinologist. You are not obligated in any way to stay with this doctor. You have a choice, remember that. You are allowed to have a second opinion and some insurance companies will pay for third opinions. Find someone else first, call on the phone or get a referral from your insurance company. I found my endo doc from the yellow pages. Called, asked if they accept my insurance and I was good to go. Ok, enough of that. The second thing is that two things happened. #1 you took cannabis and it took a while for its ugly head to rear with estrogenic side effects. #2 You stopped lifting which further exasperated your “female” condition. My suggestion would be to start with any program the mag here has on file; Tighten up your diet; Get blood tests run; And then see what your options are. My libido took a dive about 7-8 months ago, not as bad as yours, mine was just lack of desire, not lack of pump. Also, my bodyfat levels had increased and my muscle mass had gone down. I found out through blood tests and MRI that I have a small tumor on my pituitary and with the help of a small amount of Hormone Replacement Therapy, I am now back to normal function. I am halfway back to my previous bodycomp, but I’ve only been on HRT for six weeks. I think in your case a good cycle of HCG should get your system back on track. But, that is just my opinion. So, go forth young man, and seek out a specialist. And may the “force” be with you.

Bill beat me to the punch on this one. And all good points, I may add. Serious, as Bill explained, there could be many possible problems. The only way to find out, is to seek out a more understanding doc. Good Luck. Oh, by the way, I diagnosed myself as having low testosterone. My doc, was a little hesitant on some things, but agreed to more blood tests. Without me pushing “my rights”, I wouldn’t be getting the HRT; In fact he was giving me a 6 month supply of Zoloft for free, thinking I was depressed. He was pushing them like Pez. I told him that depression was a side-effect of low testosterone. He still smiles and says how I’m the first patient he ever had who made his own diagnosis and was right. “Yeah, if all your patients are drugged, no one argues”. Let them know you did a lot of research on the medical websites first. That usually gets their attention.

Thanks for the advice guys. I am currently in search of a new doctor. I just have to find one that my insurance will cover. If my current doctor had reffered me like I had asked then there would be no problem.
About the cannabis… I admit that I smoked a lot in the past. Everytime I finished w/ some, I found my self extremely aroused… but that was in the past.
I have heard about a few of the things you have mentioned, but I believe that I need a prescription for those. I know a few people that have taken pills and injections and they only have good things to say about it. The one thing they all spoke of was that there sexual drive and “member” was greatly increased and that they felt super human in bed. The only down side that a couple spoke of was being “short fused” and letting there anger loose on occasion. I am a more mello type of person than they are though, so I do not feel that as being a factor in my case. Well, thanks again

get a grip man, your looking for happiness in a bottle its not out there.if your somewhere you dont want to be, get out but make it your priority to discover what you do want then go get it.its all about the journey so stay focused on the here and now and stay healthy.