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Maybe Wrong Forum to Ask TRT Question, but

Hey Fellas. I realize there’s a TRT section but you guys are presumably the crowd who can speak from experience.

Using Fortesta at 30ml/day for about 5+ years. Am assuming that natural T production is way down if it exists at all.


Do you know of any way to restart, or boost any remaining, natural T production!

Maybe Tribex or similar plus recommended dieting I’m already using.

HOWEVER: I’d like input from anyone with personal exoerience
that restarting (or boosting) natural production would augment overall levels.

I do not have recent test results. Here’s the last I got:
Total 639

It’s been a few years since a full workup with everything like LH etc. Am messaging my dr today to see when I can have the full workup repeated because I Damn well think he and I both need to know all relevant numbers.

I have to think maybe I need to switch from a family care Dr doing this to an endocrinologist. Anyone know of any good ones in the Cinci-Columbus Ohio corridor?

Thanks gents :slight_smile:
Viva La Barbell!

No, it’s 639 WITH TRT…



Yeh I checked the results before TRT, free T was 329. Pretty crappy.

I sent a message to my dr asking for blood work on everything T-related, and if he wants me to see an endo. Also linked him to this site and let him know I personally want my T as high as it can safely/legally be.

This particular Dr I’ve used since '96 and he saved my life once, AND we have a good dr/patient relationship so I’m confident he’ll do right by me. If not, I’ll just find an endo since my insurance doesn’t require a referral for that. Main thing is I want it cranked as high as is legal. Why? Cause I want it dammit!

U read this post again & go slow so u don’t get confused Ha!

K my dr had me make an appointment to get the relevant blood tests. A step in the right direction. However, in his message he said I could feel free to consult with a URologist. I’d understand an endo. Maybe he said this cause it’s hypogonadism? Whatever, I’ll have a list of questions for him this trip.

TRT forum is mostly guys with hypogonadism. Once you get your lab results post them in that forum.

Roger that :smile: