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Maybe Unethical...Do I Suck?


Ok folks, I did something that I know is most likely unethical but I did it and because of it I know information that I wish I didn't. Today I tunneled into a coworkers PC and viewed their chat logs. One of the chat logs was between he and another co-worker and they were talking shit about me.

Now, the female coworker has issues with me because I don't take her shit and BS all the time and I wont allow her to unload her work on me. So I can see why she has shit to say about me (even if she has no room to talk), but this other dude I think is just under her "slut mind power" and is talking shit because she is so I'm sort of not as mad at him but he's still a puss and I'd like to smash his face a little.

So, I know I know I know... I shouldn't have done the snooping and I could probably get in trouble for it but I had to know.

So, the question is. Do I just keep the fact that I know what they were saying to myself or do I subtley drop hints that I know, making them feel uncomfortable and wondering if I know?


Rise above it and ignore. It's not your problem they don't like you, it's theirs. Fuck 'em.



Its not unethical, its actually quite mentally ill.

You have 2 Choices

  1. Continuie to fool yourself and try to regian control of the situation. (As if you ever had any control, no one has ANY control over anything, except their own reaction/choices in events)


  1. Drop it and get on with life.

The fact that you went that far shows a deep insecurity on your part, whether their thoughts of you are real or percieved to be real is of no consequence, you need help if you cant let this go.


I wouldnt subtly let them know that you know. I would just keep doing what you've been doing. Dont take either of their shit.


Yeah, I think I do have some sort of insecurity for sure about this. I'm not sure that I'm mentally ill but maybe a little insecure yes.

Thanks for your thoughts.


Get a life... don't involve yourself in petty gossip and office politics, it's just not professional. Keep the snooping a secret. You gain nothing from it, except to expose your weak underbelly by stooping to their level. Rise above it, man.


yea that's what I'll probably do. The thing is that I'm actually about to switch teams within my company anyway so it's not like I'll have to bother with them anymore.

The thing is that the exact reason that they have issue with me is because I don't put up with their shit. Anyway.... thanks for your thoughts.


yeah, you suck.


Exactly. They're the ones who have to do their work, and then they have a problem with you because you wont do their work. They're the ones who suck. If they keep trying to lay their work on you, talk to your boss and tell them that they're slacking off.


hahahahah... Thanks.


Been down that road bro. One of them has a tight out of the office relationship with the boss that I didn't know about when I went to him originally to talk about this issue. Didn't do me any good and probably backfired on me actually.


Dahum dude, can you show me how to do that? Haha, nah man, dont drop any hints, you can get fired for that if they find out. Here is what I would do, the next time dude tries to be all cool with you and stuff just give him a dead stare and when he asks you him whats, you just say, I dont really know how to respond to people who laugh in my face and talk behind my back. Just walk away after that and never mention it again. It does kinda help when you are bigger than all the people in your office but should work either way.


I'd have to agree with everyone else on this issue. Just drop it and leave it at that. So, they don't like you, f*ck 'em. Not everyone in this world is going to like you. And why do you care if they like you? They are just stupid co-workers. I freakin' can't stand 75% of my co-workers. They are all annoying as shiat. Just let it go and go about your business.


I was thinking the same thing...


Since you are tunneling into others' chat logs, I'm guessing you are genuinely a tool. More people should probably talk more shit about you.


You went whining to your boss about THEIR work habits?

Meanwhile you are being paid by this company to work but instead you are snooping in on other peoples private conversations and posting on this website. If you worked for me, I can think of 3 reasons right there why today would be your last day.

I think you have all the traits necessary to be a great politician. You would make Teddy Kennedy proud.


You should probably keep your mouth shut while you look for another job.

What you did was unethical and potentially illegal. Depending on your state and the circumstances surrounding your unlawful intrusion, you may have committed a crime. Federal laws my apply as well.

Doubtful that it would come to a conviction, but if she wanted to make a big deal about it, she could sue the company and push to have charges brought against you.

You might want to read up on some of those jailhouse workouts!


Maybe he can get a job with the NSA!


Hahhahaha...... nice... keep it coming.


So you're not at work right now answering my post on this website?