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Maybe SOME Good News from the FDA


They did. :grin:


I was going to ask about that too!

A guy I know that has his own strain. I haven’t partaken in that for a loooong time, but man, just the smell of that stuff will put you in a haze.


Is Big Pharma profiting from it in the traditional sense? Was Big Pharma behind the campaign to keep it illegal? Here you have an industry(med. marijuana) at odds with another industry Big Pharma. Makes for a very interesting scenario. Should med. marijuana be kept from the public because of a lack of clinical trials?


Probably none of the investors was from Big Pharma. But they would be stupid as med. marijuana is taking over despite their campaign of keeping it illegal. The people have spoke.


Blacks were once slaves and women were not allowed to vote and that was law. Does that mean it equated to justice? Since thousands of people from the U.S. travel outside of the country to get this treatment and the overwhelming majority have positive experiences. Why can’t they get it done here? Because Big Pharma will loose money and that is what matters most, not helping people.


Dude, you completely missed it. Medical marijuana is Big Pharma.

It happened right in front of your face and you missed it.

How do you get a bunch of anti-establishment moon-bats to empty their retirement accounts and throw their money into your pockets?

Just like they did! Say you’re against it while owning it. Medical Marijuana is the next Big. It may as well be Phillip Morris or L&M.


How exactly will they loose it?


Lol, some people man…



You’re right, actually. Abortion is legal when it should not be. It is morally, ethically repugnant, scientifically the willful taking of an innocent human life and yet it’s legal in some circumstances, but not in others.


Willie will stop it, though.


He will smoke it ALL!!!


It’s his fountain of youth.


Until it was moving towards legalization was Big Pharma behind it? Just follow the money.


If Big Pharma makes more money selling their garage pharmaceuticals then they will do what they can to keep anything else it off the market. Including raising the bogus “safety” issues. Profits over people. Viva la’ for profit healthcare system.


Lol, nah… They’ll capitalize on the new revenue stream as a compliment to their current revenue and/or as an eventual replacement for the older ones. That’s how successful businesses run. That’s why oil companies invest so heavily in clean energy. How you don’t know this, well, nevermind…


While I agree they’ll find a way to jump into the fray, the pharma companies have been funding efforts defeat legalization. (Haven’t really followed this thread, so I might be rehashing points already addressed).


That doesn’t surprise me. It’s cheaper to keep it illegal than to invest in the industry, but now that the dominoes are falling they’ll take a monster chunk of the market.


How far behind the point at which you’ve been had would you like to move the goal post?

I mean, its your delusion, so just go for it!


When Cannabis was first introduced to Colonial American’s was big Big Pharm behind it??? No, of course not!


Back then it was Big Shipping. They needed hemp rope to feed their craving for profit, those colonialist, industrialist pigs!