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Maybe SOME Good News from the FDA


I certainly do, but you’re too dumb to understand it. Or if you prefer in your parlance, you’re too married to your ideology. You project your insufficiencies onto others when you rant and rave.

Frankly it’s not worth my time. I’d have to keep trying to build the very fundamentals of subject knowledge for you and frankly you’re not worth that much damn effort.


Au contraire. It is YOU who is to blind to see. Plenty of other countries have offered this therapy with stunning results but we wouldn’t want to infirnge on the profits of Bg Pharma by helping people. So let’s make them suffer to protect markets for the industry “leaders”. Pathetic!


Dr. Vijaynager “The U.S. is way behind everybody else”

Dr. Barth Green of Uni Miami Miller School of Medicine Chairman of the Dept. of Neurological Surgery. “The Pharmaceutical Industry all over the world is shaking in their boots as cellular medicine will replace drugs”

No kidding. But in the meantime make the public suffer so you can make more money. Sounds like a plan.


The main objection I see here as to why cellular medicine is not allowed in the U.S. is the smoke in mirrors excuse of safety, designed to protect markets for the pharmaceutical industry. Anyone have a legit reason as to why this is not allowed in the U.S.?


Because the all-mighty government says so.


No matter how many times you’ve posted links to cellmedicine.com glorifying the “thousands of people who have had the treatment and are receiving the benefits” that is not a substitute for well-designed randomized controlled trials which evaluate safety and efficacy. And, despite your ongoing crusade about this, the United States is conducting tons of research in this area. For reasons we have been over 20 times before, proper evaluation of a therapy takes time and controlled studies to document the true magnitude of “benefit” as well as establish the incidence and severity of side effects.

There are several sad examples from the medical history books of therapies that were approved and put into use without adequate study to establish benefit and/or safety, only to be retracted later because they were ineffective and in some cases harmful.

If I gave you a pill yesterday, and you feel better today, does that mean the pill helped you? I don’t really know. Maybe you would have felt better today even without the pill. That’s why we need randomized, controlled trials - to wash out the placebo effect, the rebound effect, and determine the true benefit of a particular therapy. You’ll cite the “thousands of people have gotten this therapy…” line all you want, but we don’t know if the cell therapy actually did anything for them until it is tested in a randomized controlled trial (which many U.S. scientists have been / still are working on).


I would love it if this came to fruition. It’s basic premise is what I have been saying all along, flood the markets with drugs and prices will drop dramatically. Plus, being able to get cutting edge meds to people who need them faster could be life changing.
I support progressive approval, 100%.
Push progressive approval then gut obama care and you just may have a medical situation people can actually afford.


Yes you got half of the equation right. But the government does so at the behest of Big Pharma.


And no matter how many times you say we need clinical studies people are already being helped by this therapy. Are thousands of people getting a placebo from this treatment? Are the people who use medical marijuana just imaging their benefits? Maybe they should wait until/if science does clinical trials to confirm what they already know? All the studies the U.S. is doing means little if there is no applicable treatment. You can choose to stay in your bubble of clinical trials thinking but many of Americans are deciding to take their health in their own hands and get help before things are confirmed to the FDA and Big Pharma standards. Can’t wait until this information is more well known and the public clamors for this to become a reality, much like medical marijuana and then the death of Big Pharma and hopefully the FDA as we know it is soon at hand.


Most likely this will only come to fruition in the U.S. if the public clamors for it much like medical marijuana. When the profits of Big Pharma are in question then things will be done to protect them at the expense of the public. This is more like criminal activity and those responsible should be brought up for prosecution. This may be a nation of laws but not of justice.


What are you going to do when medical marijuana becomes “big”?

I mean shit, its already in the billions and getting bigger every day. I’ve made a pretty penny already just in the past couple of months trading on a couple of companies.

You think there’s some spiritual looking hippy dude on a sunny hillside growing boutique weed or something? Its state of the art factory farming funded my some serious investors. It doesn’t get any "big"er.

Notice the sector/industry indicator below the name of the corporation?

Current value- 121million

[quote] Cannabis Science Inc CBIS:OTC Pink - Current Information (Common Stock)
Healthcare|Biotechnology & Medical Research

Current value- 245 million


Visited one a month ago. This is spot on.


And here I thought you were going to be reasonable for once. Come on man…


Tell me more, please? I’m curious. Which company/facility did you visit?


I’d prefer not to go into details, but suffice it to say, this was a small operation that is about to become much larger. There were several grow rooms with different lighting in each to accommodate the strain and maturity of the plants. Of course, hydroponics were pumped throughout with canisters containing different nutrients that were distributed to each of the different rooms in different quantities, mixtures, etc. It was all computer controlled.

It’s not like I didn’t know there was a lot to it, but this was extremely impressive.


Lol, yes, that is literally what he think.


It’s even more so when you find out many are doing HPLC and mass spec assays on the extracts strain by strain to assess potency and relative content of each cannabinoid.

A friend works for Waters Science, he is selling analytical equipment like hotcakes to these companies, at between $80,000 and $200,000 a pop.

And a cursory look at the research literature shows an exponential increase in mechanistic and molecular signalling studies on cannabis, so we can be assured of some really high level shit coming down the pipe in future years.

They just took marijuana straight into custom breeding and genetic manipulation.

Big business indeed.


“Psylocybin is one hell of a drug!”


Not surprised. I imagine you would have understood a hell of a lot more what these guys were saying. I basically just stood there, nodding and smiling.


Hey, if it was fun it was worth it. Especially if they gave you some free samples! lol