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Maybe SOME Good News from the FDA


Yes it is insane, but that is the system we got.


Thanks for the info. To be sure there are charlatans everywhere So that is something to consider heavily. Even if this guy’s clinic is a total farce, what does that say about a clinic like The Stem Cell Institute in Panama and the success they are already having there? This isn’t experimental. They have been doing it for years.


In the end, it is the system that needs repairing. And I’m just going to talk with them, I’m not handing over any money. But I do sincerely appreciate the concern. Profits above all is not the way to go. We can do better.


Hi Zep,

[quote=“Zeppelin795, post:82, topic:224450”]
Even if this guy’s clinic is a total farce, what does that say about a clinic like The Stem Cell Institute in Panama and the success they are already having there?[/quote]

I only posted that in consideration of your well-being. If we wanted to learn something from that, it might be the risk in loosening oversight of a lucrative industry that is dependent upon the sick and injured.

But I didn’t write that with a lesson plan in mind.


Point taken.


https://vimeo.com/194877475/f1306a6757 An expose from Natural Health Breakthroughs on stem cells. Specifically on The Stem Cell Institute of Panama City.


https://vimeo.com/194875240/196eb50810 More information.


https://singularityhub.com/2017/01/17/stem-cells-are-poised-to-change-health-and-medicine-forever/ The future of medicine.


What I’ve been talking about, the main thrust of this thread.


http://www.cellr4.org/article/592 From someone who had stem cell treatment done for his MS.


Some countries are not owned by big business as much as the U.S. So they do not have such a far reaching lever of control.

With that much money and influence, why do they allow any country to permit stem cell treatments? Why is the U.S. far behind in it’s application of this therapy when other countries (Panama) are currently offering it to people and having great results?

All the questions you asked me can be better answered by you. So go on…


https://www.cellmedicine.com/stem-cell-therapy/patient-stories/multiple-sclerosis-patient-stories/ Stuff that isn’t allowed in the U.S. because it will effect the profits of Big Pharma. So we have a healthcare system designed to make money for corporations and simultaneously make the public suffer. What rubbish!


You have not answered a damn ONE of the questions we have asked you. Until you do so there’s no “dialogue”, it’s all just a polemic from you. When you quit evading and start straight-up answering, maybe…maaaaaaybe there will start to be a dialogue.

But you won’t, because you’re a troll.


The answers are so painfully obvious. When people who have been treated successfully and doctors give the reasons…One needs to strain credibility to make excuses as to why other countries are doing this with great success and the U.S. lags so far behind.

The questions have been answered by the doctors and patients in the videos posted. Why won’t you answer the question: Why is the U.S. not doing this?


We have answered this for you dozens of times in your other thread.

Thus far unmoved, we have concluded that no explanation will convince you, and it is pointless to engage with you further on this topic.


Safety issues? Seriously, this is that your hanging your argument on? When this procedure has been done thousands of times with great success.


If it were a drug we were talking about, you would be livid that they were releasing the treatment without more safety and better design. Mere thousands of times, if one of those has so much as a hangnail you would cry wolf.

The cognitive dissonance shouldn’t be astounding to me, but it is.


What drug has taken people from a wheelchair and allowed them to walk and go back to work? How many clinical trials have been done in the U.S. on medicinal marijuana? Any? Maybe those tens of thousands of people are just imagining the benefits, along with the folks who’ve had success with stem cell therapy. Should they sit around and wait for science to catch up? Or should they take pharmaceuticals? Your decision would be to force them to take inferior drugs with all their side effects because of the smoke in mirrors excuse given by Big Pharma about safety as if they really care. What they care about is profits not the health of people. Your delivering nothing but excuses for an inferior method of healthcare designed to make profits for the industry not to improve the health of the population. If the healthcare was designed to make people healthy we wouldn’t have a healthcare system designed the way we do. But health is not as important as profits. A garbage system indeed. A big fail for capitalism.



So I guess it is a joke that people have actually got out of wheelchairs and gone back to work. Cause this kind of stuff always happens with pharmaceuticals. You’re nothing but a brainwashed fool.