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Maybe SOME Good News from the FDA


I do, although I haven’t divulged this before. I would have the procedure done in Panama but currently don’t have the money.


The word conspiracy is often used when trying to quell discussion. I’m just following the money and it’s interest. But this is deemed a conspiracy. Just goes to show you who has been affected by the propaganda.


All of that is beside the point and only helps my side of the argument. If there is a way for companies to make more of a profit from keeping a less expensive more effective treatment off the market that is what they will try and do. All the while the public has to suffer. And for this I’m called a conspiracy theorist. What a bunch of crap.


At what point in childbirth? When being born?


Lol, Oh my God, it was a joke…


But, ya, shit kinda use to suck…


The resident idiot, huh? You choose to ignore all the studies done worldwide that confirms safety. The Stem Cell Institute in Panama does studies with American universities and publishes their data. Soon, within a year, they will publish the clinical trial results of their studies on RA, MS and spinal cord injuries. Then you will certainly realize who is the idiot. You may not ever admit it but you will know deep down inside what a fool you are.


You do realize that not a single person in this thread has said they’re against the use of stem cell therapy, right?


No, but they agree with it’s ban in the U.S. over bogus “safety” issues. You do realize that, don’t you? And further, what is your stance on the issue?


No, they think it should be tested properly before being sold to the public like every other treatment in the United States.

I don’t give a fuck if people drink their own piss if they think it’ll cure them. If; however, Dr. Zep of the University of Google wants to sell his piss as a cure for cancer the FDA should verify that it actually works first. It has nothing to do with profit, it’s a consumer protection.


It has everything to do with the profits of the industry. The safety issue is just smoke in mirrors as an excuse to keep it off the market as there are plenty of studies confirming it’s safety. And there are plenty of people who have been benefiting from it, although they have to travel outside this country to get any help.

Once the message gets through to the public they will have no choice like medicinal marijuana. They lobbied against it until the writing was on the wall and then invested in it. How many clinical trials were done in the U.S. to prove it’s safety and effectiveness?

The consumer protection issue is nothing more than a bogus excuse to keep this therapy off the market since it has been shown to be more safe and effective than traditional treatments. Plenty of people have benefited greatly from this treatment just not in the U.S. as it is being kept off the market by Big Pharma and their paid lackeys in the FDA. They will do whatever they can to make more money, including making the public suffer. They see people with diseases first as profit centers not someone they can help.


When an industry is making people suffer then it’s time to find a different, better system.


Ok man. I’d love to have a handful of magical pixie dust to sprinkle of human suffering but it just doesn’t fucking exist.

Has it ever occurred to you that suffering is a human condition, and no one gets through without it?

Like who in the fuck do you think you are? You aren’t looking for a solution to anything. You are just putting the burden of providing one on others because you have nothing.

You know ho would get the first sprinkle? My brother. I’d put it on his severed fucking spine, which has left him a quadriplegic for the past 28 years.

Like I said, you aren’t looking for a solution to anything. You just want to displace responsibility.


Unfortunately it is you who offers nothing but the same and it is your beliefs that will slow down the progress that may help your brother. Stand proud. Plenty of people are receiving benefits from stem cell therapy and it is people like you who desires to keep that help from them. Your belief in our for profit system is most likely rooted in your belief of right-wing economic policies. You cannot admit that profits can create and is creating a perverse incentive all the while making people suffer in order to make more money. because it calls to your attention the folly of your beliefs. And that is too much for you to come to terms with. As it is too painful for you to admit the policies you support are making people suffer so that others can make more money. Man up!


Oh! Man up! Is that all it takes?

Well then, I’m just going to march on down to Allegheny General and plunk my balls down on the receptionists desk at their department of neurology, and Tell Those Motherfuckers!

Gimme some stem cells!

If that doesn’t put some pep in their step then I don’t know what will.


So as anyone can see you really have no answer.


Quoted for irony.


Again, no answer.


More infotmation for education purposes. http://www.patientsforstemcells.org/the-history-of-fda-control-of-your-body/


A good book to read. https://www.amazon.com/Undoctored-Smarter-Doctor-Discover-Health/dp/1623368669/ref=tmm_hrd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=