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Maybe She Should've Thought Twice?

http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2664186?loomia_si=1">future bodybuilder?

American Idol tryout, OUCH!

Holy shit, that was fucking bad.

The one comment was right on though, her “friends” really screwed her on this one.

That was classic.

When she was screaming “I’M NOT GONNA LOSE IT IM NOT GONNA CRY!” it reminded me of that crazy bitch who was in one of those wife swap reality shows. I’m pretty sure it was posted on here a few months ago.

You think the singing is the trainwreck, but oh no it’s just beginning.

“you don’t wanna hear em”…I’m pretty sure this girl is about to kill someone and drag them back to her gingerbread house.