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Maybe Not the Most Insane....but...


This was my last cheat meal about 2 weeks or so ago.

Sky Hi Grill in town has this on its menu since Jan 2011. A friend and I were the first to take it on and succeed with ease!

If you finish in 1 hour its free. Not bad hey!

2 of those burgers and 1 lb of fries. Options offered for the fries are: sweet potato fries, American fries, freedom fries, or thick cut steak fries. We both went sweet potato to keep it healthy......yeah right!

We had our burgers down in less then 30 and the fries were picked at over the next 30 minutes. Crazy vascularity for the next 3 hours!!


How big is the burger? I did a similar challenge. 4lb burger and 1lb of fries. Did it under 30min but I had 2 hrs. Still hungry after so i went to cold stone and had a gotta have it of cake batter ice cream with pb cups in it


looks amazing, id do that once a week. Free meal can't beat that lol


Making me so damn hungry just lookin' at that! -lol

After my first contest, my girlfriend and I went to a Cheeburger Cheeburger.
I ate the 20 oz burger (with pretty much every topping they offer), side of fries, sides of onion rings, a milk shake, half of my girlfriend's unfinished burger, and then an ice cream sundae for dessert. The sick thing (like you realized) is that I felt so damn full and ripped afterward, it' s like my body was just running on overdrive.



The burger is 12oz meat and then the cheese and bun. Not enormous but big yes. 2 of them have to be eaten mind you, for this challenge anyway.

I fricking love CS cake batter! Not been to CS in many months now with cutting for summer! Not cool!


Before I really started paying attention to nutrition I would hit that place up at least 2 times a month. I was never fat but I dont think I ate to much real food. So looking back it was like i was on a constant diet but with a cheat meal every two weeks.