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Maybe It's Finally Time - First Cycle


44 years old, 85 kgs, 14%, 179 cm, squat 140 kgs, deadlift 240 kgs, bench: 140 kgs… yes i know its pathetic that my bench matches my squat but a motorcycle accident 15 years ago fucked my right knee for good.

I have lifted for probably 13 years and always got a thrill out of it. Lately, however i have seen my lifts deteriorate, my motivation and mood drop, sex drive vanish and basically showing all the signs of test levels dropping to below acceptable levels.

So, I think time has come for the first cycle.

I have read a ton about PEDs over the years and while I am fairly clear on the enhancing part - test E 500 split over 2 times a week for 8-10 weeks, I am still confused about the PCT. No matter where I search its always gray and “do you own research” (which i think i did). Yes, I did read the stickys aboout this… didnt make me any wiser…

From what I can gather, hCG should thankfully not be necessary for a relatively short cycle like this so I just down to SERMS, I think… questions are:

  1. how much
  2. when do I start
  3. for how long
  4. which SERMS

The board probably receives a lot of posts like this but I have not be able to trace any clear replies so this might benefit others as well.


Sounds like you need a knee replacement more than gear but at least your not one of those 17 year olds who be like," I know what im doing to my endocrine system. Don’t tell me how to live my lyf."

well, ok… thanks for that advise… do you have some advise on the PCT as well?

PCT is a much more ‘grey area’ than cycling itself. What works for some (PCT), doesn’t work for others, whilst 500mg of test works for everyone.

Sex drive and mood are much more subjective than strength.

If you are already suffering signs of low T, then a coming off a cycle is much more likely to ‘put you in the toilet’ than someone with a healthy HPTA. Be warned.

In fact I would put money on the following scenario: you do a cycle -you love it, since it makes you feel virile one again. You end the cycle and feel worse than you did before. You end up either self-medicating with a TRT approach and cycle again multiple times in the future to try and regain that sense of virility. Nothing wrong with that approach (I do it myself) but I want you to go into this with your eyes wide open.

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Thanks a lot. That’s great input. I’m expatriated in a country where TRT is not actually something doctors/hospitals prescribe even if you, from a medical point of view, qualify. That said, steroids are fairly easy to come by so I suppose one could just do ones own TRT.

So are you saying you never real go off T? or do you still cycle it? if the former, what amount weekly are we talking?

TRT is usually 150mg a week.

I’m currently running a test e 600mg/week for 12 weeks and my PCT and AI plan is:

AI (arimidex) throughout the cycle starting week 3-12 and I’ll do .5mg twice a week

HCG starting week 5-12 250iu twice a week


Nolvadex (tamoxifen) 20mg a day for 4 weeks.

I’ll be getting blood work done at week 4-8-12-14.

I believe that’s a “safe approach”.

Is important to be careful with the AI, you don’t want to crash your E2.

There’s many people very sensitive to AI, that’s why I’m doing blood work along so I can make sure my levels are on point.

First time cycling too but I’m trying to do it as safe and smart as possible.

Not an expert, just my 0.2 cents and I hope it helps.


I self-medicate with T because it controls my cortisol/stress response and gives me increased quality of life.

Lowest I use is 200mg/wk. Highest probably about 600, but with other AAS alongside.

Start with the basic. Sus 250 for 12 wks. @ 500ml wk. Clomid for pct. Plain and simple.

Please avoid sustanon if possible…it’s flawed. A single ester or long ester bl
end works better.

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For what it’s worth:

Cycling can make your will to lift even worse when it’s done. I went through a long period after several cycles & PCT, where it was hard to justify being natural, with such few gains, and so many aches/pains.

If you insist, I do agree that doing your own TRT at your age is an option. If you used to enjoy it all, maybe you just need the test of an 18 year old, not of a superhuman. I think youll find the 150mg a week area is what most people would recommend.