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Maybe He Can Help...

Hi all

I usually just lurk here, but something happened the other day that, I hope, is funny enough to share.
I was at my local gym, doing sets of deadlifts, while behind me were two cute women. One was a personal trainer, the other was her client. The trainee was on that machine you lay on with your butt in the air and curl your legs up. Between my sets, I noticed the two women were looking at me and talking to each other. I heard the trainer say to her client, “Maybe he can help us”, and they began walking towards me. I could only wonder (and imagine) what these women needed help with.

The trainer finally approached me with her client behind her… and with big doe eyes, and a soft sweet voice…
handed me a water bottle and said, “Can you open this for us?”

That just made my day lol.

So did they laugh when you couldn’t get it open? :wink: