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Maybe Bodybuilding Is Not for Me?

I started this sport while i was 120kgs and now i am 84. When i was 76 i had a tummy tuck and gynecomastia surgery and 2 months ago i had a tummy tuck revision surgery. But the time that i do this sport, i couldn’t get real results. I mean I’ve been training for 2 years, at the beginning my meal plan was totally good, i even got online pt service twice. I knew what my macros should be or other things, I read and researched a lot. I mean whatever i do i can’t get the results that i should have. I even tried test-e cycle. I hadn’t given up for 2 years.

But now, i’m sure that i can’t fix my skin. Yes my tummy and my chest are not saggy but all the skin on my body is loose compared to other humans. I, my mistakes caused it.

There is a guy just eats rice and chicken and trains for 4 months. So he can see his abs, gets little bit shredded. He has a cause to go on. And then there is me.
Yes somebody can say that i bodybuild easily when he/she looked at me but it is not the result that should be.
I gave up on bodybuilding. Because i can’t get anything. And i need to accept it. My skin is loose.

So that i decided to do something that i can get results in return of the effort that i have put on.
I think powerlifting can give me what i want.

May you give me an idea and recommendations please?

My honest advice is to hire a personal trainer ensure you know how to properly squat, bench, deadlift, and row then start off with some beginner 5/3/1 programs with an emphasis on muscle hypertrophy.

If you can’t hire a trainer, just start with 5/3/1 and utilize the internet for form help.

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Thank you for your answer but what makes me confused is, after what i wrote, do you think that i have chosen the right sport? Weight training makes me happy but with that, i want to see the results.

Define seeing results.

Seeing increased muscle?
Seeing your lifts improve?
Getting leaner?

You can do all of these in powerlifting, body builder, strongman, highland games, crossfit, so one and so forth.

It just depends on what makes you happy. Focus on strength for a bit and see if you like it more than body building. Give it at least 6+ months.


I think you should learn an instrument or play a team sport rather than anything related to physical things. There seems to be too many body image issues that are going to interfere with you enjoying the activity.


I concur in that this hobby is a poor fit for you.


I’m not going to give up on physical activities. I just need to not mind the appearance this much. As long as i feel better while i do. One way or another, physical activitiy (bodybuilding) has changed my life for better. I need to keep that part in that way. I just need to change the type of the sport. I’m not going to getting low physical answers make me sad.

I’ll give powerlifting a try. And at least i will try to keep my appearance as much as i can. At least i will not have a potbelly. I’ll look like a sportive guy.

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I’ve always been focused on aesthetics when I first started lifting, but I was also my biggest fan and wasn’t so critical of myself. But it was frustrating to not get bigger (I wasn’t eating right, and worked on it since)

That’s around when I took up powerlifting to get my numbers up and get bigger as a byproduct. Worked out great.

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This sport isn’t for you my dude. Save yourself the disappointment and pick something else that doesn’t involve weights.

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Yeah this.

Maybe might get a little bit sexier but like you’re probably already finding out that maybe this isn’t the healthiest thing mentally maybe not for your physical health either if ur doing random as cycles.

It’s pretty shitty going through days thinking about how you don’t look as good as you want. Ur not having a good time…for what?

Try strength sports if you want. You’ll get bigger and stronger and if you like working hard and chasing performance is rewarding in its own way. You’ll find a great community with people who support each other.

Body image issues might still be around in strength sports and you might get additional strength image issues when you see guys and girls on insta our lifting you lol.

Why do you think that? I have no problem with lifting weights so why would powerlifting might be wrong for me?

Dude, the best way to know if you’ve picked the right hobby is to completely dedicate yourself to it for awhile. Maybe 3 months or so with a good program and a lot of focus. Don’t question your choice, just give it 100% effort. 5/3/1 is a great program as has already been suggested. The original book is cheap. Give it a shot. There’s a whole forum dedicated to it where you can ask questions if you need help.

Just do something that you enjoy. If you like lifting weights then lift weights. If you want to compete in powerlifting then sign up for a meet. If none of that interests you then do something else. Nobody said you have to do any of this, it’s all up to you.


so do you think powerlifting is easier?

Because your whole post is thin on actual information of what you did, but very heavy on what you thought you did. You went for shortcuts (surgery and drugs) to achieve what you wanted and you think that two years is a long time.

There is nothing in anything you say that suggests you have any ability or desire to work hard and be patient over a long period of time. Instead, your attitude appears to be that you deserve results that other people appear to achieve with less effort than you.

My response would have been very different had your post included pictures, information about what you did in terms of dietary and training approach and what you thought your main problems were. Instead you just complain without giving any information at all.

In short, you appear lazy. Lazy people do make good powerlifters or bodybuilders. Pick another hobby.

Of course i am not thinking that. I am just saying that i would be able to see the results. If i can lift heavier by time it means that i’m getting the prize for what i have done.

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Look how many guys can squat 1000+, and there’s only one Mr. Olympia.


How much do you squat, bench press, and deadlift?


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trick question?