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Maybe a New Exercise

I’m almost postive somebody has already thought of this but I must share something I just recently started doing.

I have no idea what to call it. It’s rowing but not like what we are all accustomed to. lol

Take a fixed barbell. Maybe 30 40 pounds and standing row like your in a kayak.

It really works the shoulder traps and forearms very well and a light weight will set you on fire.

Try it guys

so, a cheat standing upright row?

They actually have been shown to be risky/dangerous for the shoulders.

Nothing like an upright row.

Like rowing in a boat with a weighted paddle.

Like an alternating circular motion in both hands.

If I’m understanding the exercise correctly, it doesn’t seem safe. I’m not feeling movements that involve a lot of shoulder rotation with resistance.

Explain this better. You say a fixed barbell. What is that exactly? And a standing row like in a kyak. I sit in a kyak so I dont get it.

It reminds me of the one when you hold one end of a barbell with the other end wedged into a corner then kinda draw a semi circle from left to right.

Kinda like how you would work a ornado ball if standing wih your back to a wall.

Sounds like an ok movement for activating the scapular stabilizers. I’d lower the weight though.

It’s great if you want to shear your shoulders off.

What happens when we combine that kind of transitory force, moment force, and rotation?

Cummon, y’all muuuust know…