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May NoVa/DC/MD T-Cell?

Hey gang,

I know that it may seem a bit too early to hold another one, but it may be a good time to hold another social on May 17th (Saturday) because:

  1. Mike Mahler’s going to be in town, so he can get our guest of honor. :slight_smile:

  2. GlassMan wants to start the petition to stop the overzealous anti-supplement Congress.

  3. T-people in college should be done w/ their finals.

  4. Due to vacations, etc., etc., we may not be able to hold one until later (probably after July or so).

  5. Some of DC T-people who couldn’t make it in April seem to really regret it and would like another gathering.

Sweetwater Tavern has been recommended by several people for a nice steak/beer/cheers type gathering. Let me know what you guys think. :slight_smile:



Bring it on Stella!

It’s never too soon to have a t-cell gathering.

My vote is in for Sweetwater!

How did you like that TC article this week? We have ourselves an “official” t-cell!

Who’s in?

As a matter of fact, there is a movie theater acroos the street from Sweetwater where we could watch the newly released “Matrix” after dinner!

Now we’re talking!

I’m in I will by the first round. And the Matrix sounds like a good Idea. My b-day is the 16th let me know.

Damnit, us T-men/Vixens get screwed over up in Canada.


SWEET!!! I completely forgot about Matrix Reloaded. (I don’t watch movies in the theater anymore since I fly so much…)

BTW – if we plan to watch the movie, everyone should buy the ticket in advance; otherwise we’ll never get any…

Alright…now I am REALLY jealous…haha. TWO t-cell meeting in less than a month…WOW! Hmmm, maybe I should move down south and get out of central NY! Probably more t-vixens down there too!!!..;o) Have fun guys.

I am SO there. :slight_smile:
Sweetwater doesn’t take reservations, so we will probably have a bit of a wait when we get there, fyi. You CAN call ahead and put your name on the waiting list though.
Mm steak. What is it about low carbing and craving steak?!?!
And why shouldn’t you Canadians and New Yorkers get down here anyways?? :slight_smile: More the merrier!!

I might be down, but don’t count me in just yet.

Just my personal opinion here, the Matrix is definitely gonna be awesome. But, going to the movies isn’t a very good way to get to know each other and hang out.

I apologize for not making the last one. Sometimes crap happens.:frowning: I will try my very best to make it, especially if it is going to be at Sweetwater. I am returning that same day from my honeymoon cruise, but intend to make it at this point. Herc

Then Sweetwater at 7PM on May 17? I’d like to get more accurate head count if possible tho. So far only about 4 people replied. (And Canadians, New Yorkers are also invited if you’d like to join us. :wink: )

Everyone had better show up because I had to grovel to get another Saturday evening off :slight_smile:
And Stella and I can’t drink alone!! Come on everyone :wink:

Eyes my wife and I will keep you guys company. Finding a sitter now. I am not missin this one.

Count me in on this one. Anybody else from the Fredericksburg area going up? Give me a shout.



I’d like to go, but I have to figure out scheduling first. So put me down as a tentative ‘yes.’


I am actually doing a workshop on the 17th, but it will be over by 4pm, so 7pm should work for me. Just please give me the location of Sweetwater and I will be there. Sounds like you are referring to the one in Fairfax or Herndon.


xracergs – Sweetwater Tavern does NOT serve sushi. It serves typical “normal” food such as filet mignon, etc. :slight_smile: Read the Off-Forum thread on DC T-Cell for the info about the restaurant.

Solo – you should so come! It’ll be fun! :slight_smile:

Count me in, too.

Mike - which one is easier to get to for you? Since you’re the guest of honor… :wink:


Thanks Stella,

Actually would people mind meeting at South of the Border in the Tysons/Vienna Area or Mr Smiths in the Tysons/Vienna area?

There are movie theatres by both locations, so people can still check out the Matrix if they want to.

Let me know

Mike Mahler