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May I Get an Honest Critique on My Routine?

The Split:

The Workouts [sets*(rep range) rest time]:
Workout A
Squats 3*(8-10) 2 mins rest
Bench Press 3*(8-10) 2 mins rest
Rows 3*(8-10) 2 mins rest

Workout B
Deadlifts 3*(6-8) 2 mins rest
Pull-Ups (or Lat Pull-downs) 3*(8-10) 2 mins rest
Shoulder Press 3*(8-10) 2 mins rest

Volume a bit low e.g. average 4.5 working sets for chest/bench per week.

Maybe enough for a beginner but nowhere near optimal: probably barely above your maintenance volume, below your minimum effective and maximum adaptive volumes

Thus reduced magnitude of training effect i.e. Less gains and slower gains

Solution: Increase weekly training volume

Stats? ie height+ weight, bench and dead #s etc

Hmm, now that you’ve mentioned.

Volume per week:
Chest - 45 (+ indirect volume for upper pecs from shoulder press)
Back - 90(+ indirect volume from deadlifts)
Quads - 45 (+ indirect volume from deadlifts)
Hams - 36 (+ indirect volume from squats)
Shoulders - 45 (+ indirect volume for front delt from bench press)
Bis - (indirect volume from pulling)
Tris - (indirect volume from pushing)
Calves - (indirect volume from leg exercises)

Optimal Volume
Chest: 60-120 reps per week.
Back: 60-120 reps per week.
Quadriceps: 60-120 reps per week.
Hamstrings: 60-120 reps per week.
Shoulders: 30-60 reps per week.
Biceps: 30-60 reps per week.
Triceps: 30-60 reps per week.
Calves: 30-60 reps per week.
Abs: 30-60 reps per week.

Actually, you make a good point

Current goals: Lose fat until I reach 8-12% bodyfat (looking to build muscle and lose fat in the long run)
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 137 lbs
Estimated Bodyfat %: 15-20%
Bench: 105 lbs 8RM
Deadlift: 180 lbs 6RM
Squat: 135 lbs 10RM

Notes: planing to diet break and deload around last week of October. If I stall before beating my PRs, I may switch to an intermediate routine on the following diet break and deload

Going off Dr Mike Israetel’s stuff on Renaissance Periodization, counting working sets

google “Training Volume Landmarks for Muscle Growth”

Tbh if your a beginner shouldn’t matter too much as long as you build towards it in the long term.

@khangles from what I understand, this low volume allows for Progressive Overload (gradually increasing intensity).

for example
Squat 130*(10,9,8)
Squat 135*(10,5,4)
Squat 135*(10,7,6)
Squat 135*(10,9,8)
Squat 137.5*(8,7,6)

Right idea, execution a bit off tho.

If you progressively overload by increasing volume from “not enough volume” to “more volume but still not enough” still sub optimal

You start at minimum effective volume and have a lot of wiggle room to play with between that and Maximum Recoverable Volume

At 137 lbs there is no way you should be cutting to reach 8-10% bf. What are you planning on losing?

I’m losing bodyfat at the rate of 0.3-1.0% of my bodyweight per week.

Also that was supposed to be 8-12%. My bad.

So how do I take advantage of N00b GAINZ?

take my advice with a grain of salt (nowhere near an expert) but
If you really want to take advantage of noobie gains, do either starting strength with a clean of a bulk as possible or 5/3/1
Or you could run SS (as that is geared for noobs) until you stall then go to 5/3/1

That looks like a “performance” oriented routine as opposed to “looks”, isn’t it?

There’s 5/3/1 BBB, or you could just follow up with a shit ton(within reason) of bb type assistance. As for SS, it’s mostly performance, but it won’t hurt looks (bench-, chins-arms and back, squat-legs, dead-back(kinda)
There’s also 5/3/1 Building the monolith for when you get a bit more experenced
There aren’t really any good “look oriented routines” geared to noobs (to the best of my knowledge), I guess do a “bro” split if you want looks, ask the guys in the BB section for more help. Again take this with a grain of salt

Actually, I picked my routine from an eBook I own.

Stop confusing this dude with grains of salt lel

Ok with those numbers either of these is your best bet…

137 really underweight for 5’10 male. I would employ one of these diet strategies below until hit say155 just to look like you even lift and lean bulk therafter…

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you need a deload like I need another hole in my head…

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So my bodyfat percentage doesn’t really matter?
I’m taking advantage of being able to build in a deficit.

I’ve now posted another topic centered around this So if your have more comments regarding wether to cut our bulk first, please go to that topic.

Makes 15-20% difference max. May as well not matter

Add more volume, counting reps/week or sets/week, be consistent and you’ll make plenty of progress