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May Have Fake Gear

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So I’m fairly new to gear and recently paid 400$ from an irl hook up for my first stack. He gave me a vial of 100mg Tren P, 100mg Test P, and 50 tabs of clomid and lastly 100 syringes. At first I’m all giddy to get started, felt like I’ve done my homework on everything. I did have doubts on dosages but Bill Roberts helped me out with that, thanks again.

Now I realize at the amounts I’m pinning there is no way I will reach 8 weeks on 1cc testp and 1cc tren a eod, so I ask the hook up how much for more vials so I can finish this cycle and he sells them for 120$ each. See this doesn’t feel right, how is tren and test priced the same, felt over priced and just fishy. This was a couple days ago, on top of not having enough gear for the cycle I’ve noticed no sides or real gains in 2 weeks.

The scale hasn’t changed much, gained about 2 lbs since I started. But no strength or sides (not a single cough). Even after 2 weeks, I read that most people feel tren within 3-5 days. So I’m thinking just buying it from a legit online source but I run the risk of not having any gear for about 1-2 while my new gear comes in the mail(gear is also half the price of what I’m paying the irl guy, 2 vials of test p and 2 tren a is about 200$).

If you’ve made it this far I would really appreciate your opinions on any of this, feeling really stressed out about possibly fucking up my first cycle.

I don’t live in the US but all my shit is priced the same.

My 300 test-e costs the same as my 300 eq and my 30 days worth of 50mg dbol. All gear is very real. Some people just have different ways of selling/marketing.

Now, how often are you pinning test-p and at what dose? How is your training and what does your diet look like? On test-p only i was gaining a good 2-4lbs a week.

Knowing your diet and training will help. You can always just get bloodwork to see if the test is real.

I do a pplx2 split with a lot of volume and i’m eating at about 2200 kcals a day with atleast 200 prot if I can’t hit any other macros.

2200 calories and you expect to gain weight? wtf is wrong with you.

my maint is about 2k, not even leaning out at all though.

What is your bodyweight?

235 lb 24% bf 5’11
Appreciate you guys replying btw, thanks.
Like I said though with my first post is I’ve been comparing sides with my friend who bought his online and after 1 week he has more sides than me(me having none). I mean I heard tren was the powerhouse but I feel nothing, no strength not even sweating unless I’m at the gym. Think 100mg of tren ace eod should feel this way?

I dont want to pick on you man, but it seems like youre not that ready for gear, certainly not tren.
Its unfortunate you had to goto some sketch ball to get your shit.

you should be running 500mg test e/wk.

and if you wanna know if your tren is real, knick a blood vessel on the way out after an injection, if you taste metal in your mouth and start coughing to all holy fuck and feel like youre gonna die chances are is probably somewhat real gear…

Why are you cycling at 24% bf?