May Have Common SIDE of HCG or too Sensitive

Here goes guys, instead of basically taking HCG twice a week, i took it 3 times in 1 week. since i started my 1st TEST Injection the other day. from a Testosterone cream prootocol previously.

My Nuts on Test prior months didn’t really shrink at all being on Testosterone 10% compounded Cream, anyways i take the HCG. first night i had ran out of Testosterone & was waiting for th new Enanthate prescription to come. so i had to have some Testosterone in my Body & i used the Synthetic signal of L.H that HCG produces to give me some Testosterone, anyways my Wife had preformed Oral on me on the night of HCG. i know Too much INFO but anyways it felt INSANELY INTENSE and very lots of sensentivity down below. by the way each time i only took 100IU’s so 3 times in a week 300 IU. anyways that Stimulation first night of HCG from my wife was Incredible it was purely HCG no Testosterone i had available.

now tonight my scrotum skin felt very TIGHT all around it! and it’s like HCG pulled my Balls up & inside as it the scrotum skin was so damn tight it felt like i had an overload of SPERM just a weird it was yeah. That is basically my question here how many guys have had this weird sensation of their scrotum skin being pulled up as it made their testicles incredibly full, and when i mean incredibly full it was so filled out, it Ached a tiny bit. Also this time around ERECTION took lot longer in my opinion on the HCG & when she went down on me again, SENSITIVITY Was completely lower than before. i never took HCG in my life before. i had it in fridge for a few before i started this.

Question are the LEYDIG CELLS??? in my Testicles just way too sensitive to Frequent HCG more than once a week for me? will i get this TESTICLE sensitivity recover soon & the shaft senitivity too? it sucks i didn’t enjoy the HCG at all tonight & make SEX extremely uncomfortable as my scrotum skin literally suffocating my manhood.

FACT i hated the fact how it made sex feel tonight, it made my testicles almost non sensitive to the Orgasm too*

Can you give very accurate possible Explanation too of what Happened this time around with Sex ??? also can Intesticular Estrogen be the extra fluid that made my nuts feel so Swoll & tight. it’s weirdest sensation taking HCG especially if you had no BALL atrophy prior. also i had zero hanging balls with HCG more of a completely pulled up Scrotum but still very full big.

Another guy on other forum said one brand of HCG worked better for his sensitivity than other which is very strange odd. Still i believe it did something which makes me feel to lay off the darn stuff.

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