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May Edition of NoVa/DC/MD T-Cell Social

Scene of Crime:

Sweetwater Tavern.

I was right as not all 12 people showed up as intended. However, we had 8 people showing up total. Check out the gang –

From left to right: Jaster’s beautiful dinner date, Jaster, solojobber, and Solo’s Girl. More T-vixens this time since elveneyes and I were there as well. :slight_smile:

What about more pics? I was hoping for more of the ladies doing table dances or something. Who wants to see those guys in there when you say you and elveneyes were also present?
Seriously, though… good job staying with this. I wish we had more T-people here in Austria so we could have our own little cell.

We did all have a good time. Thanks Stella for organizing everything!

I took this picture: (faces left to right) Xracergs, Eleveneyes, and Stella

kettlebell training at 1am in the rain.

Solo’s girl.


I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but you have a beautiful ass, Stella.

Definitely a good evening!!
And funny when Mr. Mahler scared half the other diners by doing his one legged squat dinner party trick in the aisle…after they’d been subjected to all of our gym conversation already :wink:
We look GOOD hehe. It’s petty but it’s cool to be out and realize your dinner group looks the best out of the entire restaurant. :slight_smile:

This should be self explanatory.:slight_smile:

nice pics! Mike was a lot of fun and very down to earth and answered all my anoying questions-i only had about 50

That’s xracergs and elveneyes, looking very happy. Our Guest of Honor Mike Mahler’s conspicuously missing cuz he hasn’t shown up. We were all bummed about him not making it. The only excuse he could give us that MAY get him off of DC T-Cell Black List is a hot naked chick who wanted his manly form very badly after his kettlebell workshop. Nothing else would do.

This is another pic of xracergs and elveneyes, looking more relaxed and cheery. xracergs had beers. A lot of it. I don’t think he read JMB’s Massive Eating. He ate a lot of fat, certainly over 5g w/ his beer.

OTOH – perhaps he’s not as bad as Jaster, his date, Solojobber, and Solo’s Girl from the first photo since they ate fried food (calamari), processed carb (bread), caffeine (Coke), alcohol (beers), and fat (butter) ALL at once!

If you thought T-Vixen drank protien powder and ate oatmeal only, you were mistaken. Check out this T-Vixen’s diet. Yum!

Mike’s here, gang! Check out our Guest of Honor, all the way from sunny California! :slight_smile: I think he thought we meant 7:00 PM Pacific instead of Eastern. Next time, I’ll specify the time zone in my T-Cell dinner post.

Mike’s checking out the menu very carefully. “What’s the most T-hood worthy food on the menu?” If you guess what he ordered, you’ll get a brownie point!

Mike decided to repent his sins by showing us some cool “party tricks”. Look at the one-legged squat he did at the restaurant. I think the waiters and waitresses thought he was crazy. But what do they know? I personally thought he was amazing! :smiley:

What better way to end the night than to see Mike’s kettlebell demo? He’s an amazing athlete. Very strong and cool. Now I’m so pumped, I wanna hit the gym!

Here are some of the tips/wisdom from Mike:

Contract your muscles. Keep 'em real tight.

PowerDrive can help your workout. Take it 30-60 mins before your workout.

All body workout is very effective when you’re trying to burn fat. He specifically mentioned exercises such as clean & press and clean & jerk.

Your supplementation and diet should help you achieve your goal, not what everyone else is doing. For example, if Surge doesn’t help you when you’re trying to lose fat, then drop it. Take BCAA or Low Carb Grow! instead.

If your workout intensity, etc. seem to be suffering, take some time off. It’s not worth it to push yourself, overtrain, and end up taking weeks, if not months, off to recover.

He likes functional strength because it can be transferred to normal daily activities and sports.

Lift heavy.

Asess ROI in the gym. If you’re working out 6 hours/week, and your results aren’t worth it, then perhaps you should workout less or vice versa. Know the optimal amount of effort for the best result for you.

If you guys can remember more, feel free to add some more.

BTW – if there’s enough interest from E Coast, Mike said that he can talk to CT about doing a workshop in the E Coast area. So what do you say? Given the number of T-men/vixens from NY, DC, and GA I think we should have enough to make the minimum commitment to make it worthwhile for them to come do a kickass kettlebell/Olympic Lift workshop in E. Coast.

Gary - I posted more, but they got lost somehow last night, so I had to repost.

CMC - Where did you see my ass? LOL

VA/DC/MD T-gang - it was awesome, people! Thanks for coming! And thank you, Mike Mahler, for joining us! :slight_smile: