May Edition of NoVa/DC/MD T-Cell Social

Date: May 17, 2003 Saturday
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: Sweetwater Tavern, Merrifield VA
Why: How about great beer, steak, and our guest of honor Mike Mahler, who came to the area all the way from California! :slight_smile:

FYI – The restaurant does not take any reservation. But it has a phone-ahead option. I’ll call ahead of time at 6:30 PM. Please note that the reservation will be for Stella/Party of 7. (I don’t know how many will show up, but I’m guessing around 7 – if we have confirmed list of people (and the number of their guests) that’ll be very helpful)

Another FYI – The restaurant does not seat an incomplete party, so please try to be there on time.

Another FYI – Even if you’re not from NoVa/DC/MD, but are a T-man/vixen and will be in the area on May 17, you’re more than welcome to join us. :slight_smile:

Maps & Directions

I am bringing the misses and I believe Sirlordford is coming up with me also.

Call at six Stella…they fill up fast!
I will definitely be there.

i’m planing to be there…Does the metro go there if i drink id rather take the metro then drive

elveneyes – I’ll call at six then.

xracergs – it’s in Merrifield, so I’m not sure how far it is from the Merrifield metro, but if it’s close by, perhaps a ride can be arranged to pick you up, etc.

Sounds good to me. I missed the last one, and would like to get a chance to meet up. There’s a friend from out of town visiting so I’ll see if she’s game on coming by.

Xracergs - The Merrifield Metro is about 5 minutes away from Sweetwater so getting a ride to and from shouldn’t be a problem.

Everyone Else - Be warned, parking by Sweetwater can be a real biatch since it shares the same lot with 4 other restaurants and a bank. There’s a shopping center across the street you can park at if it’s too crazy.

i’m driving to long on the metro

I’ll be there.

Thanks for setting this up Stella and remind me to buy you a few beers on Saturday. I will be sure to be there.

Mike Mahler

Stella is awesome with the directions. Right down to the map link!

Count me in for sure!

Yes… I’ll be there. By the way, Solo will be 31 on the 16th…

O…solo’s b-day!

Solo - you should get a happy b-day beer! :slight_smile:

Jaster - thanks for the tip on parking!

Mike - I don’t drink beer, so you can buy me a glass of excellent cab if you’d like. :wink:

Look forward to seeing everyone on the 17th.


Don’t know if anybody will be needing a ride or not…I’ll be working at the Fossil Store in Fair Oaks mall till five-ish that day, hit me up if you need a ride from that area or whatever.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend. I hope all are miserable in my absence. :wink:


My heart’s broken now. sniff, sniff


We have two last min bailers. Any more before 7?

Solo and I will be there. We will try our best to be there on time, but we are coming from Fredericksburg and have to drop the kids off at the sitters in Spotsylvania no earlier than 5:30. How many people are planning to attend??