May Change from Injection to Cream. What to Expect?

I’ve been taking Cypoinate injections with noticeable benefit. I’m only on 100mg once a week. Improved erections (still not where it should be), improved libido, stamina, reduced anxiety. I feel 100mg is still too low of a dose but the dr I’m working with now won’t prescribe more.

So… where I’m at now…I can’t stand doing injections. It’s getting harder and harder to psych myself into giving myself the injection. Sometimes I’ll inject 2-3 days late because I frankly just couldn’t do it. I feel like I’ve wussed out of injecting myself.

I’ve come across a popular online source for Testosterone Lipoderm Cream applied to the scrotum. I spoke with a rep who says 1 gram is a popular dose to begin with and then adjust from there if needed.

I know many here take the cream. Do you feel that the cream will continue to support the improved drive and erections and all the common things supported by the Cypoinate injections?

27 g 1/2" slin pin once per week. 3 min max. Ok maybe 5 min if you practice exemplary aseptic technique like you should.

Stay hard.

Great videos. Message received. Thanks.

Pre TRT bloodwork and peak / 7 day trough on current protocol if you are 1x per week?

SHBG /free T by ED / E2 / etc pre and post.

What do you mean you feel your current dosing isn’t enough? Experience with dose response?

Have you ever considered Jatenzo, and oral capsule taken twice daily? A steady state is reached in 7 days.

I recently heard of Jatenzo. I haven’t looked into the cost. I’m assuming it’s quite expensive if it’s very new. Are you experiencing noticeable symptom relief with Jatenzo? And how would you compare it to what you experienced while taking the injections?

It is indeed very expensive. I’d try it if it wasn’t for the price. My insurance will only cover it if I’ve documented that gels, creams, pellets and injections didn’t work for whatever reason.

If your insurance doesn’t cover it, $850-$1200 monthly.

Yes, a very noticeable improvement in symptom relief and an improvement in health across the board. It is expected to reverse my diabetes in the next few months at the rate things progressing.

Not covered. I have bad insurance right now. They offer me these.

That’s amazing about reversing the diabetes. That’s excellent.

I know people shit on gels, even the people who haven’t even tried them, which is friggin ridiculous (but trendy and cool).

Personally I slept way better on gel vs injections.
My theory is that gels mimic the body’s own testosterone production better, because you get highest value early in the day, and it declines towards the evening.
Unlike with injections, which have you going to bed with testosterone being as high as in the morning.

Might actually switch back to gel.

I have a friend who takes the popular pump brand name and he says he notices a big difference based on putting it on in the morning vs mid day. He says his libido, which arguably comes in handy much more at night is much higher than when he’s taken it morning time. So he sticks with mid day and loves it. He also says his energy and feeling of well being, etc has been consistent on it. He’s been on it for maybe 4 yrs.

If you don’t mind me asking why did you switch away from gels if you were having success with them?

Tbh mostly because I bought all the “gels are shit” talk, even though they work for countless people. Those people just aren’t on forums talking about it. Just check out reviews for androgel. There are many many men stating how amazing they feel.

Other reason was the supposed increase on DHT that gels cause. I started losing hair.
I lost a bit of hair from the top while being on gel, and haven’t lost any more hair after switching.

I also saw an issue with morning cardio, or cycling to work.
You can’t exercise immediately after applying it, and probably don’t want to exercise before applying it because your level’s are the lowest before it.
I don’t do morning cardio anymore so F it lol