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May Be Drug Tested; Stopped TRT

Due to a threat to increase drug testing at amateur cycling, I elected to stop my TRT therapy. I was on TRT for about a year- 1cc 200mg Test Cyp./week; 50 units Hcg twice a week, 50mg anastrozole twice a week.

My last T injection was Jan. 18 and it was .75cc. Since then I’ve been on a “pull cycle”- 50units Hcg twice a week and 50mg Clomid twice a week. This is a 1 month protocol.

I would like to compete in a race Feb 28, and there is a high likelihood this could be one of those races that is tested.

I had applied earlier to USADA for a TUE, but after receiving the packet and instructions, it was clear that there was no way I could produce the mountain of documents and tests USADA requires to obtain a TUE-including measurements of “testicular volume”. That is why I decided to quit TRT.

Any thoughts on whether or not I should enter this race? Based on some reading, I understand Test C will provide a positive test for 3 months- agree?

Just a question here, if you can still compete without the TRT why were you on it in the first place?

I wasn’t on it for performance, it helps every aspect of life- feel better, sleep better, better mood, better sex and yeah a bit better on the bike, but seeing how I’ve won 1 out about 60 races, It didn’t make me Lance Armstrong.