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MAXSTIM protocol (include HCG,Tamoxifen,Vitamin D)

Hey gents,

So I have tested for high T, high SHBG - I started testing test E injections (100mg twice per week) as a self prescribed experiment while my TRT doc looked over my results and came up with a plan.

The test E worked almost immediately on the first dose, did nothing on the second. I did keep it in the fridge and it was frozen when I pulled it out, maybe that messed it up somehow?

However he wants to start me on this: MAXSTIM protocol (include HCG,Tamoxifen,Vitamin D,5mg Cialis)

Anyone have any experience with Tamoxifen for high SHBG? My instinct is telling me to to Test only or test + hcg but maybe somebody here knows more?

Thanks )

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