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Maxing Out?

how often do you guys max out on the bench?

[quote]richardson23 wrote:
how often do you guys max out on the bench?[/quote]

Few times a year for me. Although I am always curious it usually doesn’t add alot of value to my workouts.

once every few months maybe, i like to do heavy 3’s and 5’s, and throw in some heavy singles too once in a while. I remember when I started to workout I’d always max out though, I think everyone does that on the bench press when they start working out…always maxing on it to see if it’s higher.

I once had a long layoff from lifting and when i came back to it i maxed every week.

Id max on monday and do speed work on thursday for bench. I pushed my bench from approx 340 to 405 within about 6-8 weeks. After that i burnt out hard though.

Take that for what it is.

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every week.

Westside ftw :smiley: